High School Piano Competition

If you play the piano and are in Grades 9-12, you have the opportunity to win cash at Maranatha’s High School Piano Competition.

Top reasons you should apply ASAP:

  • You will receive detailed feedback on your performances from professionals.
  • You will receive a Cash Prize if you win first or second.
  • You will have the amazing opportunity of performing at the Great Lakes Music Festival Concert in the Gym on Saturday if you are the first place winner.
  • You will perform in our newly remodeled Burckart Hall.
  • You will meet other dedicated musicians your age.
  • You will have the opportunity to meet some Maranatha’s piano faculty.
  • You will have motivation to work extra hard.
  • College hosted competition participation will look good on your college entrance resume.

Click Here for Piano Competition Details

Hurry…January 1 is the application deadline, and the contest is limited to the first 10 qualifying applicants.