Huber Joins Student Life Staff

Maranatha students may find they have a hard time keeping up with Peter Huber, the College’s new Director of Student Activities.

Huber is an expert swimmer and swim coach and has taught lifeguarding classes at the college level. He is a scuba diver as well as an avid biker who is a member of the Adventure Cycling Association. Huber once biked from Oakland, CA, to Mexico—864 miles.

“I did it in 18 days,” Huber recalled. “I ranged from 40 to 70 miles per day, depending on the number of hills I had to climb.”

His new job will involve less physical strain, but more organization.

The newest member of the Student Life staff will, in his words, be responsible for “everything that’s not dorm- or classroom-related.” He is in charge of intramural sports, special events, community outreach, and much more. For example, Huber said, he was recently informed that he will organize Spirit Week.

Huber will also coordinate student ministries, including helping students find ministries in local partnering churches. He is familiarizing himself with area churches to more effectively match students to churches in need of their particular abilities.

Dean of Students Dr. John Davis said Huber’s organizational skills and positive spirit, along with his impressive credentials, made him stand out from others who applied for the position. Davis said Huber identified well with both Maranatha and college-age students. “He has a can-do attitude,” Davis said.

Huber says he’s glad to be working at a Christian college, noting, “We train people to give the glory back to God.”

Huber first heard about Maranatha when a recruiter came to West Chester (PA) Christian School while Huber was in elementary school there. He had always felt God calling him into some kind of ministry, and, when the position at Maranatha opened, Huber believed “this would be a great opportunity to use (my) God-given talents.”

Huber completed his Bachelor of Arts in Camp Administration in 2001 because he felt called into camp ministry. However, during his senior year, he found that camps were not hiring. The Lord instead directed him into teaching.

While Huber has taught nearly every grade and age in both Christian and public schools, he said that college-level teaching is his favorite. He was an instructor for Lifeguarding at Ursinus College in Collegeville, PA. He has taught swimming, lifeguarding classes, and environmental classes at YMCAs in Pennsylvania and California. Huber completed his Master of Science in Sports and Athletics Administration at West Chester University in 2010.

“If Maranatha ever wants to build a pool, let me know,” he joked.

A more realistic, plan is to expand ministry opportunities for students. Huber, a long-time YMCA staff member, suggested that the local YMCAs may be a great place to exercise community outreach. “They’re not going anywhere, and we’re not going anywhere, so we may as well get along,” he said.

Huber and his wife Rachel, along with children James (2) and Christian (6 months), recently moved to Wisconsin from Pennsylvania.

“I’m very excited to get going here when the students come back,” Huber says. “It’s going to be great!”

–By Brynn Fitzsimmons