Impact Gifts: Making a Difference for Students

Gifts impacting Maranatha students

College is expensive. Finances can be a major concern for students planning to attend college.

Some who come to college wonder every day where the next tuition payment will come from. Maranatha is working hard to mitigate this problem and help provide students the assurance of a fully paid semester.

One of Maranatha’s recent goals has been to implement scholarships that will impact students by giving them the financial help they need.

“What we are trying to do is give as many students as possible an opportunity to come here,” said Steve Board, Maranatha’s Director of Development.

The Founder’s Scholarship was awarded to 17 students during the 2012-13 academic year. This scholarship, for many, was the reason they were able to return for the spring semester.

“I had no way of coming back to school financially; I planned to sit out for a semester to get the money I needed.” sophomore Sebastian Basaldua said. He was awarded the Founder’s Scholarship one week before coming back to school. This scholarship meant more to him than the money. “(I) can graduate on time, using the tools and abilities God has created in me to reach out to others sooner.”

Helping students financiallyMaranatha offers several other institutional scholarships. A student pursuing a degree in the Bible and Church Ministries Department can apply for the Bible and Church Ministries Scholarship, which can be worth up to $20,000 over four years. The Teacher Education Scholarship, available to education majors, can be worth up to $14,000 over four years.

Many students every year also have the blessing of receiving privately funded scholarships. Donors encourage students working toward a particular career or ministry field near and dear to the donor’s heart. Students pursuing a Music degree, for instance, are eligible for the Ruth E.V. Hey Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship was named for a woman whose love for Christ was shown through her support of Christian music. This scholarship aids a student who demonstrates similar qualities. Sophomore Helen Scott received this scholarship in 2012.

“It was definitely an unexpected blessing,” Helen said. Helen can be an example to other students struggling with the financial burden of paying for school. She plans to serve as pianist in her local church as well as opening a private piano studio.

“It was a really nice blessing, and it was nice to see how the Lord can provide in little ways.”

Other scholarships are focused on rewarding ministry service in camps and other summer opportunities. Senior Bethany Staller received such a scholarship in the fall of 2012 following a summer at a Christian camp.

“It was extremely helpful for me financially,” Bethany said. “I was both excited and blessed to see how God provides.”

Maranatha recently developed a new scholarship, the Leadership Scholarship. Dr. Jim Harrison, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, said, “Maranatha has initiated (this) new Leadership Scholarship with the goal of making it more possible for new students to attend the College.”

Even a small donation can have an enormous impact on a student. Wondering where the next tuition payment will come can be a challenge for a student. Maranatha provides numerous opportunities for an individual to make an investment in eternity.

How can you make an impact? There are many ways to give, and the College will safeguard what is given to make sure the intentions of the donor are followed.

Financial help for studentsMaranatha has a fund in place for international students, another for students seeking to become a member of a Global Encounters missions team, and many more. You can simply give to the College or Maranatha Baptist Seminary general fund. The Alumni National Project fund is currently providing support for necessary updates in Old Main.

Maranatha presents donors with numerous opportunities to give because, when more students are able to attend Maranatha, the faculty and staff can train more to go into the world and let their light “so shine before men” (Matthew 5:16).

To help, please go to, call the Development Office at 920-206-2325, or email