Instrumental and Voice Finalists Announced

Commencement Contest Preliminaries

Congratulations to the following students who were named finalists in the Instrumental and Voice Commencement Contest Preliminaries.  

String Finalists: Philip Ledgerwood and Melody Steinbart (Alternate: Bethany Rhine)

Brass Finalists: Daniel Anderson and Trisha Herbert (Alternate: None)

Woodwind Finalists: Nathan Brewer and Del Terpenning (Alternate: Claudia Burchett)

Vocal Finalists-Sacred Art Song: Stephanie Zinner, Tommy Montgomery, and Jenny Sanders (Alternate: Klinton Richerson)

Vocal Finalists-Classical Art Song: Jenny Sanders, Hannah Pill, and Amanda Pulaski (Alternate: Stephanie Miller)

These students will advance to the Commencement Contest Finals in April.

Check back next week for the finalists for piano.