Ireland Team Aids Missionaries

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Londonderry, Ireland, once the home of radical political reformers, was visited by a much different group of reformers in August—Maranatha’s Global Encounters team.

The eight-member team spent the first 1 1/2 weeks of the three-week trip with missionary Travis Snode in Northern Ireland. The students provided music, shared testimonies, and preached in some small meetings. They spent the second 1 1/2 weeks in Bray, southern Ireland, with missionary Dan Pero. The students encouraged church members and also helped with Reformers Unanimous faith-based addiction program meetings.

Peter Thompson, one of the team members said, “Reformers Unanimous is a great program that is certified by the court system. We would give testimonies, talk to the guys, and listen to the pastor’s devotional. I was able to share the gospel with one of the guys there, who I think accepted Christ afterward.

“I was sitting there talking to him and I told him that I was brought up in a different environment than he was. I asked him if he believed that God exists and if he wanted to know God. He said ‘absolutely,’ saying that he had been waiting for someone to share the Gospel with him.

“It boggles my mind that God would use people like me to achieve something so perfect and to declare His name. To be used to further people’s knowledge of God and to give them a view that is not tainted by false doctrine and worldly reasoning is just a great privilege that I learned to be truly grateful for.”

Team leader Joshua Moore traveled to Ireland for the third time as part of a missions team. Moore said, “This trip was really helpful. There were just a lot of people we were able to meet and to challenge with the Gospel.

“I think that, no matter where you end up going on a Global Encounters trip, you are going to be challenged. It is going to force you to rely on Christ and it is going to give you a new perspective. I just learned a whole lot.”

–By Bethany Wright