There are so many things you can do at the library! But we think most people use our facilities as a place to conduct research.

Search the Catalog

We used to use a service called OPAC to search for information at the library. But we don’t recommend using it anymore. Instead…

We now use EBSCO (A.K.A. Holmes) to search for information at the library. It gives you access not only to the material we have physically in the library but also to numerous other resources that EBSCO bundles in with it.

Other Academic Journal Databases

We also have a number of databases outside of EBSCO. You can see the current offerings on our Databases page.

Programs to Assist in Research

We have several helpful programs on our computers here in the library — Bible programs, counseling programs, music programs, and more! See our Computer Programs page for details.

Styling Your Papers

At some point your research turns into an academic paper. If you need help remembering how to format it check out our Paper Style Guidelines page to refresh your memory.

Helpful Websites

And finally, we’ve gathered a number of websites over the years intended to help our students conduct research quicker and more easily. See the Helpful Websites page to see if any of these may benefit you!

Other Resources

The following resources may also prove helpful for you. Click the file name to download.

File Name File Type File Size
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PaperTemplateNoToC DOCM 31 KB
SampleResearchPaper DOCM 49 KB