Our History

Library History: Have you ever wondered how the Cedarholm Library got it’s start? Has it always been in its present location? Who was the first Library Director?

Then keep reading to discover the history of the Cedarholm Library…

Cedarholm Library History: In The Beginning…

The library officially began with a donation from the founding president’s personal library. The first two cataloged items were a Bible and an Encyclopedia.

Maranatha’s first library was humbly located in the basement of the main administration building (affectionately known as “Old Main”). It later expanded up to the second floor.

The president’s wife Mrs. Thelma Cedarholm was the first librarian. She was instrumental in forming the library from the very beginning. Mrs. Cedarholm guided it in its infancy as the Director for 20 years from 1968-88.

Cedarholm Library History: Computers and Expansion

Mr. Tom Erickson succeeded her as the Library Director from 1988-89. During his time at the library he implemented the first computer system used to process data records.

He was followed by Mr. Dave White (1989-1991) and Mrs. Carolyn Perdue (1991-1992). During their collective years at the library they increased the collection size by an astounding 77% or roughly 82,000 volumes in just three years.

Cedarholm Library History: A New Building

Mr. Stephan Mattsen then served in the Director position for nearly a decade from 1993-2002.

During this time a dedicated library building, the Cedarholm Library and Research Center, was constructed in the heart of campus adjacent to the Dining Complex and “Old Main” in 1996. The library is named after the founders of Maranatha, Dr. and Mrs. B. Myron and Thelma Cedarholm.

As could be expected from the library of a Baptist institution, we place a special emphasis on collecting and preserving Baptist and Bible materials.

The Cedarholms enjoyed visiting missionaries.  They brought back many souvenirs from their journeys. And a number of these items are currently on display in the Cedarholm Library.

Cedarholm Library History: Digital Age and Beyond

In 2002 Miss Lois Oetken became the Library Director. She navigated the library into the digital age with its rapid changes between 2002-2013.

As of 2013 Mr. Mark Hanson started his tenure as the Library Director. He has served as both the Circulation Supervisor and the Assistant Library Director since coming to the Cedarholm Library in 2009.