Does the library have textbooks?

Q: Does the library have my course textbook?

A: Probably not. Since textbooks often change frequently, the library does not purchase the most current edition of all the textbooks your instructors may require.


However, your professor might place a copy of the textbook on course reserve for your class to read in the library. It is worthwhile to check the Library Catalog or ask your professor if this is the case. Very rarely there are still some textbooks that are acquired by the library and if they are available you are free to use them. Just remember that most of the time your are required to have your own copy, and the loan period will apply so it will need to be returned. For resident students, you could make a request via Inter-Library Loan (also known as WISCAT) to see if it might be available, but you would have the standard loan period of three weeks before returning the item to the lending library.

We would only recommend borrowing them from the the library or through Inter-Library Loan as an option for the first few weeks of class in the event your textbook is late in coming.