Trouble accessing resources off-campus.

Q: I’m having trouble accessing resources from the library when you are off-campus. What should I do?


A: Don’t panic, and follow these simple steps…

Current Maranatha students, faculty and staff can access library resources from anywhere in the world, using your Maranatha login to authenticate when prompted. If you recieve an error page or the authentication page does not accept your login, here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Can you log in to My Maranatha? If it is down, access to many library resources will most likely also be down.
  • Is the access issue for all or just some databases? It’s possible an individual database may be unavailable. If you can get into some databases, but not others, please contact us directly so we can look into the problem.
  • Are you attempting to use a bookmark, a link you emailed to yourself, or one posted by your instructor? Typically bookmarked search results do not work if accessed at a later point in time. Links that are emailed or posted outside of the library website may not be constructed properly and could fail to authenticate you. Please start your search again.
  • Is the authentication page not accepting your login and password? For the most part and prompt for authentication will require your username and password. After ensuring that this was not due to a typographical error, please contact us to assess if the issue is with the library or to determine if you need to contact IT to reset your account login information.