Help for Alumni and Visitors


The Cedarholm library at Maranatha Baptist University is open to the public. Our collection of over 100,000 volumes is located in the city of Watertown, WI. Guests — anyone from off-campus who isn’t a student, staff, faculty, or alumni — are welcome to browse our collections of books, periodicals, and reference materials.

If you are a student, staff, or faculty member, and have managed to find this page you’ll want to visit HOLMES.


For alumni, library services are available in recognition of your lifelong connection with Maranatha Baptist University. Your passport to these services is your alumni ID card, available through the Alumni Association. With this card, you have on-campus access to our electronic library collections, printing, and photocopying privileges. Your alumni ID card is also your library card, with which you can check out materials.

For more information on benefits for alumni, please see Alumni Membership Benefits. If you have any questions, please contact (920) 206-2371.

Answering Some Questions

Here we’ll try to answer a few common questions that both visitors and alumni might have about the library.

How can I check-out library materials?


Your alumni card also works as a library card. Just bring your alumni card in and you’ll be able to check-out library materials with it.


You may purchase a guests library card and then check-out library materials. Find pricing and other information on our ID Cards page.

How can I access the library catalog?

Alumni & Guests

You may access the library catalog online by clicking here.

How can I browse the library’s electronic resources?

Alumni & Guests

You may come in to the library and browse our electronic resources. At this time, only students, faculty, and staff may browse our electronic resources from off-campus.

Can I use the internet in the library?

Alumni & Guests

You may use our guest login account and browse the internet from one of our computers here in the library.