The Cedarholm Library offers many services. Browse the services in the sections below.


Some people want to cut out letters and pictures for their classroom. They want to be able to keep and use them for a long time. Others have a sheet of paper they want to be able to write on and wipe clean to use again! And yet others want to hang a poster in an area they know will get it wet or dirty. Come to the Cedarholm Library to have your paper or crafts laminated. Check out lamination considerations and costs below.



  • We can't laminate foam pieces or foam board.
  • We can laminate back-to-back pages if they're glued or taped together.
  • Laminate construction paper before attempting to cut it.
  • We can laminate poster board but the edges won't adhere well
  • If building several layers, with smaller layers on top of larger ones, have the layers individually laminated before putting them together.
  • Dried nature projects, like leaves, do not laminate well. While the librarian may be willing to try it, we don't recommend doing it.
  • Talk with the librarian before starting your project. We're happy to help!


3 Mil8.5" x 11" Paper which you want protected but flexible$0.50/page
5 Mil8.5" x 11"paper which you want protected and relatively inflexible$0.75/page
RollPaper or pieces of paper up to 2 feet wide that you want protected but flexible$0.75/foot

Reserve a study room

If you need an extra quiet place to study or tutor someone, consider reserving a study room. We have two study rooms in the library available for patron use. You can stop in to one of the rooms and use it or you can reserve the room in advance. In order to reserve a study room, just contact the library with your name and the time you'd like to reserve.

In addition to the two study rooms, we have two computer labs in the library in which you can study. A number of classes use CL202 during the day, but at night it's usually available. We use CL206 mainly as a student computer lab.

  • CL206 - the Library Computer Lab (LCL)
  • CL202 - the Library Class Room (LCR)

Book Repair

Bring your worn book in to be repaired or re-bound by an experienced technician. Look at the book repair or rebinding options below.

Book repair costs

General5-10 minutes, gluing and taping$4.00
Medium to ExtensiveSpine repair, cover repair, gluing and taping$4.00 - $8.00
WorseWe suggest you rebind the bookN/A

Book rebinding costs

Dimensions of BookCost
7" x 4.25"$1.00
8.5" x 5.75"$1.25
9.5" x 6.5"$1.50
10.5" x 7.5"$1.75
9" x 10.5"$2.00
12" x 9"$2.25

Book Sales

As the Cedarholm Library gets new materials, sometimes sell our surplus books and other materials to our patrons.

You can find the books available for sale in the periodicals section on the main floor of the library. The library typically sells materials such as hardcover books, paperback books, CDs and DVDs, pamplets, cassettes, LP recordings, and videos. Check out the sale prices to the right.

We accept cash, check, or CashNet payments.

Type of MediaCost
Hardcover book$1.00
Paperback book$0.50
Individual Cassette$0.50
Cassette Sets$1.00
LP Recordings$0.50

Test proctoring

Our testing desk on the lower level of the library is open for business during regular library hours.

Faculty can send us the test or quiz that the student needs to take by dropping off a paper copy or by filling out an electronic form. Students pay $5 to take a test and $2 for a quiz. If the student missed the test or quiz due to official University business or an excused illness, there is no cost.

Students can also buy scantrons at the testing desk for $0.25.

ID cards

At the library we make the ID cards for all of Maranatha's faculty, staff, and students. We also issue guest library cards, security cards, and a number of different badges.

Student ID cards feature their ID number, name, and picture on the front. They also grant the student access to their dorm and the Dining Complex for meals, and record attendance at chapel services. The first ID card is included in the student's bill. Subsequent ID cards are charged to the student's school account at the Business Office. Replacement ID cards cost $15.00

We consider anyone from off-campus who isn't a student, staff, faculty, or alumni to be a guest. Guests may check-out materials using a guest library card. A guest library card costs $5.00 for one month or $20.00 for one year and may be purchased in the library during library hours.

Computers, printers, copiers, and scanners

Computers - We have computers available in the library for use by students, faculty, staff, and guests. Students can log on to any computer in the library. Guests can talk with library staff and get a guest account to use our guest computers. While the overwhelming majority of our computers are Windows-based, we also have several Macs. In addition to the more basic programs, a number of our computers have software to assist you with Bible study (BibleWorks), music (Finale), biblical counseling, and a broad range of creative digital projects (Adobe Creative Suite).

Printers - The library has a number of printers that print both black and white and color. Students, faculty, and staff can all print to these printers using their Maranatha credentials from a University-owned computer or their own device.

Scanners - Some of the printers in the library are also able to scan documents and send them to e-mail or a portable USB drive.

Copiers -  The library has a few stand-alone copy machines. You can copy from these at a cost of $0.10 per page. These machines accept only cash.

Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center exists to help Maranatha students succeed! The mission of the Academic Success Center is to promote academic success for all students, to enhance student performance, and to increase student retention. We help students to become better learners. The Academic Success Center offers 1-on-1 tutoring, supplemental instruction, study groups, academic coaching, and study skills seminars.   Learn more about the Academic Success Center