“For the Beauty of the Earth” by the Credo Quartet

Philip Ledgerwood, Bethany Rhine, Melody Steinbart and Elijah Walters are four Maranatha students who have combined their musical abilities to form the first student string quartet of the college. They call themselves Credo Quartet.

The inspiration behind Credo started when Philip and Melody shared a desire to form a chamber group and asked Bethany and Elijah if they would be interested.  Everyone quickly caught the vision, and in the fall of 2011, Credo was having its first rehearsals.  Each member hopes to continue playing in the group until they graduate; afterwards, they hope to find replacements so that Credo can live on at Maranatha.

The name for the quartet arose out of a brainstorming session where the quartet members were anxiously searching for a name to include in their upcoming premiere. Philip suggested “Credo” which is Latin for “I believe” because it seemed to fit well for a group that shares the same faith and ideals. Credo’s main purpose is to bring glory to God by creating beautiful music together.

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Watch Credo’s most recent performance of  For the Beauty of the Earth arranged by Dan Forrest (subscribers: click here to watch).

If you would like to find out more about Credo Quartet and/or schedule a concert, go to www.facebook.com/CredoQuartet.