Maranatha Alumni Excel

Maranatha graduates and former students are excelling in both professional careers and full time vocational ministry. The list of their accomplishments, and the variety of fields in which those accomplishments are taking place, might be “more than you expect.”

Fraser ArmstrongFraser Armstrong (’09) is a contracted actor for Sight and Sound in Branson, MO. His credits there include Noah the Musical, Miracle of Christmas, and the upcoming production of Joseph. His duties at the 2,085-seat theatre also include acting as tour guide. “After every show, an invitation to receive Christ is given, and cast and crew lead an after-show prayer ministry,” Armstrong said. “Whether I am serving as an actor playing a 9-foot giant, singing, helping move set pieces, or riding a horse on stage, everything is done for the praise of His glory, and that our patrons might come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.”

Luke Musgrave (’09) is a “landman” for Diamond Resources, a North Dakota-based land services company. His duties include checking records and constructing leases. His clients require leasing, title examination, right-of-way acquisition, drill site permitting and landowner settlements, unitization, mineral appraisals, and other energy-land related activities. “I’m using all of the course content I learned in Business Law,” Musgrave said. “It’s a pretty complicated job, but I love it!”

Brandon Stille works as an engineer for Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. in Connecticut. He recently returned to Wisconsin for the EAA AirVenture Convention in Oshkosh. Stille accompanied Sikorsky’s X2 Technology Demonstrator, a compound helicopter with coaxial rotors (mounted above each other, but turning in opposite directions) and unofficially the world’s fastest helicopter. He previously worked as a civil servant for NASA, where his team’s projects included the X-43A. That jet set a world speed record (Mach 9.6, or nearly 7,000 miles per hour) in 2004. “I pray every day for patience and grace,” Stille said. “I also pray that I can be creative and bring something realistic to the final design stage.”

Kennedy, LauraLaura Kennedy (’10) is media coordinator for the Galkin Evangelistic Ministries. She films, edits, and posts video; updates the team’s website and Facebook page; takes photos of ministry events; and is involved in music and youth programs during the team’s week-long evangelistic meetings. “Will (Galkin) had a vision to take the truth of the gospel that we stand for and live by each week and communicate it for the current age through media and specifically video,” Kennedy said. “Editing the video is where I thrive. It’s where creativity has no limit, and where one trial or ‘mistake’ ends up becoming the new look of the video.”

Joshua Murphy (’11) is working at the U.S. Bank branch in Madison, WI. The company hired Murphy immediately after his graduation into its highly competitive Leadership Development Program, and he quickly moved into an accelerated training program. By January of 2012, he will be eligible for promotion to an even higher corporate level. “One of the regional managers asked why I was so motivated and determined,” Murphy said. “I told her about how my mom and dad had been so influential in my life, how my experiences in college had helped me mature and grow up, and about my faith and what the Lord has done in my life. When I finished, she said, ‘We have a place here for someone like you.’ ”