Maranatha Online’s Degree Completion Program

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After her second daughter was born in July, 2009, Beth Holmes decided it was time to finish what she had started back in 1997—her college degree. A few months later, Holmes applied to a local community college in hope of earning an associate’s degree.

Holmes then came across a roadblock. The community college was unwilling to accept the credits she had earned while attending a college that was not regionally accredited. With few options available, Holmes began researching online degree completion programs.

“I found (Maranatha’s) degree completion program online,” Holmes said. “It looked like it would be the perfect fit for someone in my position. Maranatha’s accreditation was very important to me, in addition to (its) caliber and biblical stance.”

Maranatha’s degree completion program was created for people like Holmes—those who, for one reason or another, have been unable to complete their college degree. The program offers adults the opportunity to finish a bachelor’s degree in two years or less.

Someone Holmes knows very well is among students currently enrolled in the program—Amy Hubbs, her sister. Hubbs said, “As I’ve become older, I’ve realized just how essential it is to have my degree.”

Of course, the sisters have encountered challenges with re-entering the world of balancing coursework with personal lives.

“I am married, a mother of two young daughters, and employed full time,” Holmes said. “Classwork cannot always be my priority, even when I want it to be. I have found that staying in close contact with my professors is vital.”

Hubbs must manage her studies and her job. “Being the secretary to a very busy pastor has made it challenging! Even though I may have a schedule all set out for study time, it doesn’t mean the day will cooperate with me. ”

The Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies program can help further careers that require a bachelor’s degree or open the door to more than 7,000 specialized graduate school programs. The degree completion program does have some requirements. Those enrolling must be 25 or older and have completed at least 60 college credits with a 2.0 cumulative grade-point average.* Adult students who do not qualify may have other options to make up those deficiencies before entering the program. Contact Maranatha Online for more information about alternatives.

Despite the challenges, both Holmes and Hubbs highly recommend the program for its academic and the spiritual benefits.

“As little as three years ago, I was working toward an associate’s degree with the assumption that my credits were worthless,” Holmes said. “Now I am nearly finished with my bachelor’s degree! I never thought it possible. I should have remembered that, with God, all things are possible!