Maranatha Students Featured in School Production

Emily Rose, Blaine Landwoski

Two Maranatha students were recently featured in Lake County Baptist School’s production of Get Smart. The play, based on the iconic television series, featured senior Blaine Landowski as Maxwell Smart and sophomore Emily Rose as Agent 99 for two performances, one as a dinner theater, at the school in Waukegan, IL.

Director Kady Debelak said she wanted experienced actors for the leading roles. Landowski brought experience gained from more than 24 productions, including skills earned from his work as a stage manager, set director, assistant director, and, currently, Maranatha’s construction lead. Rose also brought acting expertise to the cast, having acted in three separate productions of Get Smart in high school and college.

“It’s something I’ve been wanting to do since I first saw the play,” Rose said in regards to her role as Agent 99. “It’s been four years in the making.”

Blaine LandowskiThis production presented Landowski and Rose the opportunity to assist their fellow actors with the techniques of acting. Many cast members had never acted before, and they appreciated Landowski’s and Rose’s encouraging attitudes and helpful tips.

“They both supported the other actors,” explained Debelak. “They were ready to dive in and help with whatever—and also had great senses of humor.”

For Landowski, this interaction was one of the most rewarding parts of the production.

“It’s been a blessing to help grow the other students and parents on the set—helping them understand what it takes to act, to memorize their lines, to create a character, and to present that character.”

Debelak enjoyed working with the students, commenting that “Emily was very steady, and I could tell that Blaine really focused on the nuances of the character.” Debelak said that, as a result of working with the pair, she plans to open future theatrical auditions to Maranatha students.

–Written by Deb Lew, Oct. 27, 2011