MBU Music Department Chair Ministers in Mexico

Dr. David Ledgerwood, Maranatha’s Music Department Chair, reflects on his recent experience below:

“I was asked by missionary Dan Wokaty to teach a post-graduate course at Institutio Practico Ebenezer in Hermosillo, Sonora Mexico this past week. Dan is married to Opal Zimmer Wokaty, who studied piano with me when I first came to Maranatha in 1986.

Twenty-seven pastors and music students from different regions of Mexico came for the course entitled “Philosophy of Music for Church and Home.” The course involved twenty-six hours of direct instruction from notes and outlines that I prepared. While I mostly spoke through an interpreter, my ability in Spanish increased a great deal, often through trial and many errors.

Throughout my time in Mexico, I was personally moved by the faithfulness of the pastors in their preaching of the Word of God, the joy of the Lord in students’ hearts evidenced in their singing, and the church planting efforts going on throughout Mexico, even in regions considered dangerous.

I was able to preach on Wednesday evening at a local church. When I began preaching, the neighbor turned on Mexican popular music. The louder I preached, the louder the music became. Apparently this happens quite frequently. I understood in a new way that the Cross is a divider of men.

The trip was a wonderful time of spiritual refreshment for me, and I am grateful to God for the opportunity.”

Ledgerwood Mexico