Music and Seminary: A Very Compatible Duo

2010 Graduate Andrew Mosier recently answered some questions regarding his current seminary training in Pennsylvania.

What have you been doing since your graduation?  Since graduation I have gotten married, moved to Pennsylvania, started working at Chick-fil-A, started working on my M.Div. at Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary, begun work towards my counseling certification with CCEF (Christian Counseling Education Foundation), and my wife and I also adopted…a cat (Maggie).

As a music major, how did Maranatha prepare you for seminary? Maranatha helped me prepare for seminary in that it taught me to work hard and think.  Classes on the graduate level are difficult, but I have never felt that I was under prepared. (Diction for Singers has even helped me pronounce words when I am reading from my Greek New Testament!) Maranatha also helped me develop the maturity necessary to juggle being a husband carrying a full time graduate level work load, full time job, and ministry in a local church.

Have there been any particular challenges in the transition to grad work?  My greatest challenge in the transition to grad work has been time management.  That does not seem like a profound answer, but over and over again I find that someone or something is vying for my attention.  Every day is a juggling act to prioritize the most important things and focus on them.  Often, I fail miserably, but God has been gracious to help me accomplish everything without killing myself.

How are you currently using your music training? Currently, I am active in the music ministry at my church, Bible Baptist Church of West Chester.  Kathleen and I sing in the choir and I regularly sing in the services.  Pastor Gingery has been gracious enough to allow me to direct the choir and congregational singing when he is away or touring with the SMS Men’s quartet.

What do you believe the Lord has for you following seminary? Well, that’s the million dollar question!  God has given me three loves: preaching, counseling, and music.  However the Lord chooses to use or not use those passions is up to Him.  I would love to see myself as the Assistant Pastor in a church.  God has been growing me and stretching me in the past year in ways that I never imagined so I believe that He will place me in a ministry and allow me the opportunity to serve His people.  For me, there would be no greater privilege!

What advice would you give to music majors considering seminary? Do it! Go to seminary!  Seminary is difficult, there can be no doubt.  However, every day I leave class with a deeper love for God and a heart filled with greater worship of Him.  There is a great need for musicians who can think on a deeper theological level.  The church needs men and women who are capable musically and theologically to compose hymns which worship God in spirit and in truth.  Personally, I never imagined that I would be in seminary.  But I thank God that He has chosen this path for me.  Seminary has given me a greater love for His Word and His church.  To me, there is no higher calling than knowing God and I am overjoyed to give my life to it.