New Mobile Responsive Website

Visit the site with your smartphoneMaranatha often receives compliments on its website. The College has been blessed in recent years with websites that have proven attractive and functional, presenting information to users in formats that have been easy to view and navigate.

We are excited to announce the Dec. 27 launch of a new, even better, website.

The responsive design will allow pages to be easily viewed and utilized on almost any mobile device without extensive scrolling or resizing. The design adjusts based on the device’s screen size and orientation, allowing the site to be a practical tool for users on tablets, phones, laptops, notebooks, and many other mobile gadgets.

“The thing I like best about this new site is its improved usability, both for current students and prospective students,” Electronic Media Specialist Christopher Harper said. “They’ll be able to find the information they need, no matter what device they’re using. I also think this site is a bit more content-focused, not as design-heavy as the previous site.”

There are certainly some likeable design elements, including an exciting new color scheme, simplified navigation, and home page buttons to quickly apply, request information, plan a visit, and view the college catalog.

The home page will also include feature articles, athletic updates, an event calendar, and easy-to-find social media connections to Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

Tell your friends to pick up their iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Galaxy, Android, or any other mobile device and go to