New Surroundings for Applied Science Faculty

Science Duplex

There are no beakers, test tubes, or Bunsen burners where Maranatha’s most recent renovation has taken place, but conversations in that building soon reveal it is a place for those who love science.

Facilities Management workers recently completed an extensive remodeling of Duplex 4, the building that now hosts six Applied Science Department faculty offices. The $30,000 project included a complete replacement of windows, floor coverings, interior and exterior doors, and exterior siding.

“It is a nice place to conduct department meetings, but it also allows for more frequent informal, but important, conversations among the faculty,” Applied Science Chair Dr. Curtis Malmanger said.

Chief Information Officer Dr. Werner Lumm said the project began in early June and exterior siding was completed in mid-October.

“This building was the Dr. Marvin Stephenssore thumb among the six duplexes,” Lumm said. “We were also renovating a building for Kiddie Kampus at the same time, so finishing both required some extra effort from our employees and student workers. But, they came through.”

Duplex 4 was constructed in 1970. The most recent renovation also included new interior paint, light fixtures, and network infrastructure.

Malmanger and Applied Science faculty members Dr. Marvin Stephens (above), Dr. Paul Molitor, Dr. Yingguang Liu, Phil Price, and E. Bud Downs now call Duplex 4 home.