Introduction to Online Communications

About This Course

Course Name/Code: Introduction to Online Communications, CADM 111

Catalog Description: A mix of basic theories of communication with practical hands-on experience building and maintaining a blog. Emphasis is placed on communication theories and techniques used in interpersonal, group, public, intercultural and mass communications situations. Students will then apply these theories on their blog while learning to use free tools (Prezi, Jing, Google Analytics, etc.) and social media marketing to build and maintain their blog.

Credits: 3

Instructors and Texts

Instructors Who Teach This Course: Mr. Jonathan Coleman

Required Text(s): Please use the online campus bookstore to locate required textbooks for the course. Make sure that you search using the correct course code and look for the course with the “OL” suffix in the drop-down list. (See Textbook Ordering Help.