Pamela Horneck

MS, Liberty University

BS, Maranatha Baptist University

Master Online Educator Certification, University of Illinois

After teaching for 17 years at Faith Christian Academy, Pam Horneck began teaching online. She started teaching English courses for Maranatha Online in the summer of 2010. She teaches various sections of English Composition I and English Composition II. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband, three sons and their families. As well as staying active in her church, gardening, and reading.

Favorite part of teaching online:

Because my Maranatha students are often taking dual credit, I work with many home schoolers and Christian school students. When I first began online teaching, those were the students I wanted to help.

In a live classroom, I could not sit down with each student when a paper is turned in, and go over things he needs to work on; I am able to do that in my online class.

A selfish reason I enjoy my job however also figures in, I must admit. Not too many teachers get to sit on their back deck, overlooking the Ozarks and teach a class. When a new grandbaby is born, I can pick up my classroom and teach wherever I need to be to hold that baby.