Piano Track Info-GLMF

GLMF Piano Competition: Thursday, January 28

We are having a piano competition on Thursday, January 28. for advanced, high-school pianists. Please register asap as the contest has a limited number of openings. For more information, see the piano competition page.

GLMF Piano Track: Friday, January 29

3:45-4:30 Ensemble Rehearsal #1


  • Level 1: Early Intermediate – Hava Nagila (arr. by Pardew)
  • Level 2: Late Intermediate/Early Advanced Ensemble – Overture to Carmen by Bizet (arr. by Sartorio)
  • Level 3: Advanced – It Is Well for 8 hands (arr. by Koerts)

General Ensemble Information:

  • Ensemble rehearsals will be coached by Maranatha’s Piano Faculty.
  • Students will be given the password to the music after they register online. After viewing the music, students should send their first three part choices to janet.tschida@mbu.edu.
  • Students need to master their assigned part up to tempo before coming to Great Lakes Music Festival.
  • Students may perform the piece along with college piano majors and minors (some parts will be doubled).
  • Groups able to perfect their pieces will perform in the concert on Saturday.

Consider the Following when Choosing an Ensemble:

  • If you take private lessons, please ask your teacher for his/her advice.
  • Learn all of the parts if at all possible (this will help you perform much better in the ensemble).
  • Remember that performing a piece with several different parts is much more difficult than performing a solo (choose cautiously).

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Ensembles:

  • Will I be auditioning for the concert performance? No, everyone will participate in the concert piano ensembles. We have 2 people per part (in some cases, a college student will be playing the part as well).
  • How will we all be able to play in the concert? In the concert area (the gym), we have one grand, and we move in three uprights. We will do one performance of each piece (8-12 performers per piece).
  • What if I cannot learn a certain section of my part? Please remember that there will be two people per part. Chances are, the other person WILL be able to play the section you cannot. We would prefer that you either “rest” during measures that are too difficult for you, or just play one hand for the sections you are unable to master by the festival.

5:45-6:30 Classes

2016 Workshops

Option 1: “Register Rut Reduction” (Hymnplaying Workshop) by Mrs. Ruth Brown: Variety in hymnplaying comes in many forms. One way to keep a fresh sound and smooth flow in the right hand is to shift between the middle octave (using SAT in r.h.) and upper octave (doubling melody + SAT).  Our time will be spent initially talking about the options in shifting and then allowing you to try several exercises in our piano lab (class is limited to 8, and students must be able to play 4 note chords in the RH when hymnplaying). Level: Advanced

Option 2: “It’s as easy as I, IV, V!” (Educational Workshop) by Dr. Michelle Clater: What do hymns, classical pieces, and lead sheets have in common? Come see how understanding three basic chords can enhance the music you play every week!

Option 3: “Masterclass” by David Ledgerwood: Prepare a piece, and sign up in advance. The Masterclass has limited openings on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you plan to participate in the Masterclass, please email janet.tschida@mbu.edu the following by January 6.

  • Your name
  • Your teacher’s name
  • Your age
  • The title and composer/arranger of the piece you will perform
  • The length of the piece

6:45-7:30 Ensemble Rehearsal #2

For ensemble information, please see the “3:45-4:30 Ensemble Rehearsal #1” section.

GLMF Piano Teacher Workshop

GLMF Piano Teacher Workshop: Friday, January 29

2016 Workshop: TBA in October

2015 Workshop: Menace or Motivator

“Well, the truth is, she just isn’t very talented.” OR “Of course we had a bad lesson, he didn’t practice!” OR “…but I told you to fix that the last two weeks…I even wrote it in the notebook and marked it in your music!!”

Do these statements sound all too familiar? Then this is a pedagogy workshop you won’t want to miss. Discover how every lesson can be an awesome experience for your students and YOU.

When: January 29, the Friday night of Great Lakes Music Festival during the festival chorus rehearsal from 7:45-8:45.

Cost: None. The workshop is free and open to anyone interested in attending. Please email janet.tschida@mbu.edu if you are interested in attending.

Where: 214 in Old Main

GLMF Piano Track: Saturday, January 30

10:15-11:00 Ensemble Rehearsal #3

11:10-11:30 Technical Rehearsal in the Gym