Adults Attending Camp

All Adults Involved with Camp

ALL adults (18 and older), including all parents, sponsors, staff, and faculty, who are involved in any supervisory or participatory role in the camps and/or are staying overnight in the dorms MUST do the following:

For the safety of our campers, adults NOT complying with the above requirements will NOT be allowed to supervise/participate in the camp. No exceptions. Adults simply observing and not staying in the dorms do not need to complete the above requirements.

Opportunities for Adults

  • Adults may provide supervision from 5:00 pm to 8:00 am. Sponsors and parents are welcome and encouraged to participate in this opportunity. Adults providing evening supervision may also participate with a camp track of their choice during the day if they so desire. (Pay: Room/Board)
  • Adults may opt to stay in the dorms, but not assist with camp in any way. Note: If dorm space becomes an issue, adults may have campers from their group in their room. (Cost: $100 for Room/Board)
  • Adults may participate in camp. There is no cost to participate. Meal tickets can be purchased in the Dining Commons.
  • Adults may be on camp faculty (by invite only). (Pay: Meals and Small Honorarium)
  • Maranatha Baptist University students are encouraged to take advantage of a unique opportunity to work directly with Maranatha faculty and alumni while simultaneously earning academic credit. Learn the ins and outs of camp recruiting and camp/track planning before camp begins, and gain hands-on experience working with the campers and faculty during the week of camp. Selected college students will assist an assigned track during the day and provide dorm supervision in the evening (Pay: Room/Board and $150 towards travel expenses). Academic credit options include the following:

Music Education: No fieldwork is credit available.

Piano/String Pedagogy:  Fulfills 1 semester of fieldwork (for reporting fieldwork, see pedagogy fieldwork requirements). Piano pedagogy students graduating in fewer than 8 semesters may substitute a required semester of prep school student teaching with this option (with additional assignments). Obtain permission from Janet Tschida before applying.

Any Music Degree Student: 1 academic internship credit. No tuition will be assessed for this credit; however, you will need to pay the transcript fee of $25. See music internship course syllabus requirements for additional details. Obtain permission from David Ledgerwood before applying.

Drama Productions: Internship in directing, stage work, or costuming (see DP Internship Requirements). Fulfills one required or elective course. Obtain permission from Jeff Miller before applying.