Ages/What to Bring

Camper Ages:

  • Campers must be 13 years old or older to participate in evening activities and stay in the dorms. Music campers under the age of 13 may only participate in camp activities from breakfast through supper. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by Dr. Ledgerwood.
  • No beginning band this year.
  • Piano and string campers under the age of 13 must play at an intermediate level or higher.
  • Vocal/Drama campers must be 13 years old or older.

Camper Dress Code:

Clothing should be appropriate for the specific camp and always modest. Music & Drama campers wear modest shirts and loosefitting pants/jeans or knee-length shorts/skirts for classes and rehearsals. Music & Drama Camp Friday concert attire is dress pants/shirts and a tie for men and skirts for women. Be sure to bring appropriate clothing for recreational activities.

Vocal/Drama Campers Girlsclosed toed black shoes – flats, no heels, and white tank tops – no lettering or symbols, etc.

Vocal/Drama Campers Guys black shoes – no colored soles, dark socks, dark pants, and white tank tops – no lettering or symbols, etc.

What to Bring:

Must Bring: Proof of medical insurance, indoor and outdoor shoes, socks, swimwear, towel, soap, sleeping bag/bedding, pillow, Bible, a notebook, and pencils. Please mark all personal items with camper’s name. Please bring all prescription and over-the-counter meds to the check-in line in a quart size ziplock bag with camper’s name, times for taking the medication, and dosage instructions written in permanent marker on the bag. (Cell phones are permitted, but may not be used during activities or after lights out). Recommended Items: personal electric fan.

Please also check what to bring for your specific track here.

What NOT to bring:

Air conditioners, computers/media players, fireworks, weapons such as knives/guns, and drugs/alcohol/tobacco products of any kind (prescription medications will be collected and distributed by the camp nurse).