Ages / What to Bring

Camper Ages:

  • Campers must be 12 years old as of January 1, 2016 or older to participate in evening activities and stay in the dorms. Campers not 12 as of January 1, 2016 may arrive at breakfast and leave after the evening service or stay with sponsors.
  • Beginning Band campers arrive at 9:30 AM and leave at 4:00 PM (lunch included).
  • Piano and String campers under the age of 13 must play at an intermediate level or higher.

Camper Dress Code:

Clothing should be appropriate for the specific camp and always modest. Music and Drama campers wear modest shirts and loose-fitting pants/jeans or knee-length shorts/skirts for classes and rehearsals. Music and Drama Camp Friday concert attire is dress pants/shirts and a tie for men and skirts for women. Be sure to bring appropriate clothing for recreational activities.

What to Bring:

Required Items

  • Proof of Medical Insurance
  • Personal items such as a towel, soap, sleeping bag/bedding, pillow, Bible, notebook, and pencils. Mark all personal items with camper’s name.
  • Bring all prescription (prescriptions must be in the original prescription container) and over-the-counter medicine to the check-in line in a quart-size ziplock bag with camper’s name, times for taking the medication, and dosage instructions written in permanent marker on the bag (non-transparent, quart-sized bags for privacy reasons are fine).
  • Indoor and outdoor shoes. Note: Campers using the gyms are required to change into a separate clean pair of non-marking shoes for indoor recreation. Shoes that mark the floors and muddy/dirty shoes are not permitted.
  • Swimwear

Track-Specific Required Items

  • Piano: Please bring music you would like to work on during the private lesson time with teachers, but also bring a nearly polished piece to be performed in a showcase on Friday. Please also bring a binder, a hymnal, a metronome, a notebook, pencils, and a bag for your materials. We suggest that you label all of your books and materials with your name and phone number.
  • Band: Please bring your instrument.
  • Strings: Please bring your instrument and assigned orchestra music.
  • Vocal Drama: Vocal Drama: GIRLS – please bring closed-toed black shoes (flats, no heels), white tank tops for wearing under costumes (no lettering or symbols, etc.), a LONG and full/A-line black skirt AND/OR a pair of loose-fitting black DRESS pants (no skinny styles). GUYS – please bring black DRESS shoes (no colored soles), dark socks, dark DRESS pants (no skinny styles), and white tank tops or t-shirts for wearing under costumes (no lettering or symbols, etc.). ALL: No flip-flops will be allowed during rehearsal – please wear sandals with a back strap or sneakers/shoes. Also, please bring a pair of socks for use during rehearsal times.
  • Stage Crew: Please bring a black shirt and black pants.

Recommended Items

  • Personal electric fan.

What NOT to Bring:

Air conditioners, computers/media players, fireworks, weapons such as knives/guns, and drugs/alcohol/tobacco products of any kind (prescription medications will be collected and distributed by the camp nurse).

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones will be collected from campers when they register and will be kept in a secure location. Campers may have their phones back on Thursday evening to take pictures etc. their last day and half of camp. Commuters should not bring their phones. Note: Camp photographers will be taking photos throughout the week, and these photos will be available on Facebook.

Contacting Campers:
  • For non-emergencies during the week, please email Katie Potter. Katie will reply asap (within one business day at the longest).
  • We ask that parents only call camp in the event of an emergency. Please use the following numbers: 5:00 PM to 8:00 AM 920-285-9316 (Security Cell Phone). 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM 800-622-2947 (MBU Admissions Office). We will then have the camper contact their parents as soon as they can be brought to a phone.
  • In the event a camper needs to make an emergency phone call, (s)he may do so with the assistance of an camp worker (all camp workers carry a cell phone, and the call can be made right away from their phone).
  • Medical personnel are on site 24-7 and will contact the parent or guardian immediately in the event of a medical emergency.