Camper Check-In Info

Campers now complete their registrations and payments online before arriving, so that camper check-in will be an expedient experience. Also, this year campers can choose to check in on either Sunday night or Monday morning.

Camper Check-In Times:

  • Sunday night from 9:00-10:00 PM (please see info below on arriving on Sunday Night).
  • Monday morning from 8:00-11:00 AM
  • Extra nurses will be contracted to streamline the 2016 check-in process.

Immunization and Insurance Waivers:

Campers without  insurance or up-to-date immunizations must sign waiver forms and bring them to camper check-in.

Arriving on Sunday Night/Leaving on Saturday:

  • Campers arriving on Sunday or leaving on Saturday are assessed a $15 fee per night and must indicate this on their registration form. For camper safety and supervision reasons, students not registered for the extra nights will not be allowed to stay.
  • Campers will be provided a continental breakfast on Monday and Saturday mornings.
  • Campers cannot arrive earlier than 7:00 PM on Sunday and must leave no later than 8:00 AM on Saturday.
  • Campers arriving on Sunday night will be attending an activity while camping staff have a meeting.

First/Last Meal:

  • The first meal is lunch on Monday (campers registering for early arrival will be provided a continental breakfast on Monday morning).
  • The last meal is supper on Friday.

Transportation to and from the Airport:

  • Campers flying in for camp needing transportation should take the Badger Bus to Johnson Creek. Maranatha will provide transportation for campers to and from Johnson Creek, but will not be able transport campers to and from the airports directly.
  • Campers needing to be picked up from the Badger Bus stop in Johnson Creek should contact Katie Potter.