Pinocchio Drama Camp TM (184)

I was encouraged to witness the incredible progress made by my students in one week of camp. I am so thankful to have an affordable, quality, Christian music camp within a few hours of our school. I plan to continue to bring as many students as I can in the future. -Mr. David Townsend, Director of Music, Freedom Christian School

My daughters had an incredible and memorable experience during their first overnight camp. Not only did they come away with remarkably improved musical skills, they also formed new friendships, had a fabulous time, and improved their relationship with God. Best of all, as a parent, my mind was put at ease knowing that the girls were in the hands of exceptionally competent and caring instructors, leaders, and sponsors. We could not have been more pleased with their progress and experience after spending a week at Maranatha Band Camp. What is the icing on the cake? Daily photo updates on Facebook – what a great way to help parents share in the camper’s experience! -Stephanie Griggs

The fellowship with other Christians with a love for fine arts is awesome. The opportunities to meet more people in various tracks are also really neat. You don’t spend all of your time with just drama, or string, or piano people. You get to branch out and broaden your horizons. Plus, the food is really great! -Kimberly McDaniel

Maranatha Music/Drama Camp is an event that I look forward to for months! I am sad that I am now too old to go to piano camp!!! If you have any musical interest at all, Music Camp will be a great experience. We are surrounded by other musicians for the whole week, and we have access to many great musical professors and counselors. Unique opportunities are available that we don’t get most other places (for instance, playing a harpsichord, hand bells, percussion), and the combined choir singing is beautiful. I look forward to Music Camp for months and count down the days until it begins! -Elizabeth Hudson

Maranatha Band camp is a great opportunity for homeschooled students to get a chance to play in a band! -Seth Hudson

The best part about summer camp was the fact I was surrounded by people who were as dedicated to their instrument as I was. The teachers were the greatest encouragement to better myself for God’s glory. -Lizzie Conrad

I loved drama camp a lot this year and I really would love to go back. The people I worked with were pretty awesome and I made a lot of new friends. It is a lot of work, though, but it is rather fun to have the challenge of memorizing all the lines, choreography and getting the timing right before the really quick deadline. I can’t wait to go back next year. -Andrea

The food is awesome! -Warren Emerson

I had an absolutely amazing time at camp and would recommend Maranatha’s Music and Drama Camp to anyone wanting to learn their instrument better. -Clayton Sparks

Maranatha’s Music Camp not only is a great asset to learning my instrument, but it is also great fun!! The activities are great, I met new friends, and I learned lots of music. -Sarah Howell

I would seriously recommend this camp to anyone who wants to improve their skills in the area of fine arts. It’s a great experience and a lot of fun. -Kaylee McDaniel

It started when I was 11 years old. I made the decision to enroll in the piano track of Music Camp, and I ended up making the same decision for six consecutive years. While the activities and friends were definitely a large part of the camp experience I enjoyed, the best part was the learning part—the music part. The classes challenged me, the experiences stretched me, and the teachers inspired me. They have ingenious methods of teaching, infinite patience, a great sense of humor, and contagious love for music. In fact, their love for music flows out of them and into their students. It was contagious. And all the campers caught it, and the entire atmosphere was like a breath of fresh air. I always left camp encouraged, my head crammed with knowledge, my Facebook friend-application piling up, and eager for next summer. -CiCi Liu

Music Camp is fun because we get to hang out with friends and learn great music. I enjoy meeting new friends. I always really enjoy the new pieces—the music we learn is varied and interesting. I love playing with great musicians and learning from the camp faculty. I’m thankful that we have this summer opportunity. -Jason Hudson