“We love having our daughter as a part of Maranatha Piano Prep School. We’re amazed at how far she has come in such a short time. Very impressed with this program and her lovely teacher!” –Maria Gracia

“Our intern is a terrific instructor! We appreciate her creativity and the effort she puts into her lessons with our Oliver. She is always willing to try new and innovative ideas.” –Jenny Meyers

“Thank you for working all my kids in at the same time!!” –Karen Steggall

“Our first experience here has been a wonderful one!! Thank You!” –Sara Galarza

“It has been a wonderful learning experience for Hannah and Sarah.” –Sarah Milam

“The piano prep classes offered at Maranatha have provided our children with piano skills as well as confidence in performing and introducing themselves in front of a group. As a Pediatric Chiropractor with emphasis on neural development, I know the importance of music in brain development. I also know that music is not emphasized enough in most school curriculums. When our son was in second grade, his reading skills jumped from behind grade level to above grade level within 2 months, and our other son learned to read with minimal effort in Kindergarten. I am impressed with the faculty’s ability to tap into the unique learning style of individual students and continue to make piano playing fun. They were having such a good time, I decided to take lessons myself!” –Jane Brotski, DC DICCP, Wellness Chiropractic

“My daughter really enjoys her piano teacher. I was overhearing her tell her friend that she has the best piano teacher ever. It was cute.” –Sherri Smith

“Our son loves taking piano at Maranatha’s Piano Prep School. He likes his teachers and enjoys learning duets at Group Piano. The director even went with us to buy our first piano! What dedication!”–Deb Iverson

“I really appreciate the enthusiasm both the group and private lesson teachers have with both of my girls. And thank you for taking extra time with them when they need additional help.” –Kim Schroeder

“The teachers made music such a great experience for my two daughters!” –Kim Lewis

“Our three boys are in the piano prep program and are enjoying the variety of teachers and their different approaches based on the needs of each one.” –Darrell & Pam Mundt

Survey Comments

Comments parents and students wrote regarding what they love about Maranatha Piano Prep School:

  • Quality: “Their instructors are so knowledgeable.” “The education is excellent.” “We appreciate the rigorous expectations during the school year.” “They provide the Watertown area with a high level of music instruction.”
  • Professional: “The director and her staff create a very professional atmosphere. We couldn’t be happier!” “They are professional.”
  • Compatible Teachers: “There are multiple teachers so they try to pair students up with someone compatible.”
  • Flexible Scheduling: “We love their flexibility in scheduling lessons so that the time works well with our schedule.”
  • Friendly Atmosphere: “We couldn’t believe just how nice all of the staff is!” “They are all so friendly, kind, and encouraging.” “We appreciate the Christian environment.”
  • Multiple Offerings: “We really appreciate the classes offered in addition to private lessons (ensembles, theory classes, early childhood music and movement classes).”

Comments parents and students wrote regarding what they appreciate about their intern instructors and university faculty:

  • She challenges my daughter and makes lessons and recitals fun!
  • She was always so happy to see my daughter and made her feel comfortable.
  • He is an exceptional teacher. He always brings new ideas and is always well-prepared.
  • She is so patient and encouraging!!
  • She is able to motivate all three of my (very different) children (even _____!)
  • She is encouraging, truthful, lively; and more.
  • She brings the best out of my piano playing.
  • She gives my son an excitement for learning and is very fun!
  • She showed great enthusiasm and helped my daughter progress and love playing again. Thank you!
  • She is caring.
  • She motivates my daughter and challenges her to improve.
  • She is patient with my daughter and is successful in redirecting her attention.
  • She challenges my daughter and keeps her motivated to push through the hard pieces.
  • Her excitement about the lessons – patience – kindness. She is encouraging to my son….such a positive attitude
  • Her passion for teaching and her desire to help my daughter be the best hymnplayer God created her to be
  • Her patience and enthusiasm for music
  • Her urging my child to excel
  • Her enthusiasm
  • Her kindness and thoughtfulness towards my daughter is so appreciated. We love her!
  • Her flexibility, great communication, encourager; worked diligently to help Katie with composing – a very difficult task!
  • Her kindness and understanding and pressing me forward – encouragement