Where is Maranatha Piano Prep School located?

The Piano Prep School is located on the campus of Maranatha in Century House. The Prep School is easily accessible from Main Street –the sidewalk perpendicular to Main Street brings you directly to the Prep School’s front entrance.

How is Maranatha Piano Prep School unique?

Maranatha Piano Prep School faculty are specially trained to include a variety of music learning methodologies in both private lessons and group classes:

  • Movement activities—Dalcroze Eurhythmics
  • Improvisation activities—Orff and others
  • Problem solving activities for listening, performing and creating—Wiggins
  • 12 Step Conversational Solfege (Tonal and Rhythm Patterns)—Feierabend

Maranatha Piano Prep School faculty purpose to maintain well-balanced lessons:

  • Technical Skills such as posture, arm weight, relaxed shoulders, good hand position, finger independence/thumb control, the basic drop, pedaling, 2-note slur, rotation etc.
  • Technical Drills such as 5 finger patterns, scales, chords, cadences, and arpeggios
  • Sightreading
  • Improvisation
  • Theory Concepts (via flashcards, theory books, and theory software programs)
  • Educational and Classical Repertoire
  • Sacred Arrangement Repertoire (if desired)
  • Hymn Improvisation (if desired)

Maranatha Piano Prep School is a Christian environment where teachers truly care about their students.

Maranatha Piano Prep School faculty have the primary goal of developing well-rounded, life-long musicians, not merely “piano-typists.” Developing the students’ musical skills helps students learn other musical instruments with a much smaller learning curve.

Students have the opportunity to participate in several piano competitions and festivals:

  • National Piano Guild Auditions (hosted at Maranatha Piano Prep School)
  • National Federation of Music Clubs (hosted at Hartland Conservatory)
  • The Achievement Program/National Music Certificate Program (hosted at Maranatha Piano Prep School)
  • Wisconsin Association of Christian Schools Fine Arts Competition (Private Schools)
  • Wisconsin Schools Music Association (Public Schools)
  • Others

Students have the opportunity to perform in our newly remodeled recital hall for each semester.

Maranatha Piano Prep School is able to offer a first-class, well-rounded music education and still maintain competitive rates.

When is Maranatha Piano Prep School open?

The Piano Prep School is officially open from the 3rd week in August through the 1st week in June:

FALL SEMESTER – 12 week semester: September – December

WINTER SEMESTER – 12 week semester: January – April
SPRING SESSION – 8 week session: April – June (no group)
SUMMER SESSION – 4 week session: Last two weeks in August and the first two weeks in September (no group)
Private lessons during the summer months are scheduled on an individual basis
For exact dates, please refer to “Important Dates.”

Who teaches at Maranatha Piano Prep School?

Both college faculty instructors and college interns (students who are studying piano pedagogy at college) teach private lessons and group classes. See “Instructors” for more info.

What if I want lessons from a particular instructor?

Please see “General Policies” under “Teacher Assignments” and “Changing Teachers.”

What is the facility like?

  • Private Piano Studio with two new Yamaha acoustic pianos
  • Additional teaching studios on the 3rd floor of Old Main
  • Piano Lab consisting of Nine Yamaha Clavinovas
  • Recital Hall on 2nd floor—Burckart Hall
  • 2 laptop computers and iPads for Music Educational Software Programs

How are lessons scheduled?

  • The private lessons are scheduled at a mutually convenient time for both the student and teacher.
  • The group classes are pre-scheduled (see group classes).
  • The music technology time is scheduled on an individual basis through the prep school director (email the prep school director to schedule a time).

Please explain the group class setup:

  • We offer weekly group classes as an additional “perk” for all Maranatha Piano Prep School students.
  • No additional tuition is assessed for group classes.
  • See “group classes” for additional details.

Can non-prep students enroll in group classes?

Yes, non-Maranatha Piano Prep School students may/do enroll in our theory classes and ensembles. Fees are posted under the Tuition section in “Financial Information.” To enroll, complete the online registration form specifying “group classes only.

Are group classes required?

No, group classes are strongly encouraged, but optional.

Why are group classes important?

Group classes…

  • Provide confidence in playing for others
  • Stimulate critical listening as students hear other students perform and comment on those performances
  • Allow students to broaden their musical experiences
  • Expose students to a variety of repertoire
  • Provide a setting where drills and exercises are more interesting and motivating
  • Facilitate the performances of ensembles including duets, trios, quartets and multiple ensembles
  • Provide opportunities for supervised practice
  • Establish a group dynamic that increases motivation
  • Foster the development of communication skills
  • Allow students to learn from peers as well as teachers

Please explain the music technology time:

  • Students wanting to use the prep school’s music technology need to schedule a time by emailing the prep school director.
  • The software programs are programs that reinforce concepts learned during private lessons and group classes.
  • Recording programs and music notation programs such as finale may also be used.
  • Programs integrating the piano keyboards/iPads may also be used.
  • No additional fees are assessed to students taking advantage of this offer.
  • For technology usage policies and login info, see the “General Policies

Where should I park?

Parents may park on Main Street in front of the Piano Prep School; however, the upper lot to the left of the main entrance is a much safer place to park.

Where do I look if I have lost something?

A lost and found basket is in the waiting area by the Century House restroom.

Are long fingernails ok?

No, students do need to trim their nails before coming to lessons. Students also need to wash their hands before their lessons

Where do I drop off my payment?

Feel free to pay online (See Financial Info-Policies). Please deposit written checks in the “Preparatory Payment Lockbox” located in the hall outside of the piano lab (1st floor of Century House), or mail to Maranatha Attn: Janet Tschida 745 W Main Street Watertown, WI 53094. To ensure your payments do not get misplaced, please avoid handing payments to teachers.

Why can't I just save money and photocopy music?

Please carefully observe copyright laws. (Using someone else’s book and making copies in lieu of purchasing the original is illegal.)

How much is tuition?

Who can enroll?

Infants (Early Childhood Music Program) through adults.

How can I enroll?

Complete the online registration form and secure a lesson time by mailing the first payment.