General Policies

Materials Needed

  • Piano (must be full size, touch sensitive, and tuned regularly if an acoustic piano)
  • Metronome (all students)
  • Flashcards (beginners need Hal Leonard Set A)
  • Full-size spiral bound notebook or binder
  • Piano books (chosen by the teacher)
  • Email Address (All communication including billing is done via email and the website. Each family MUST have an email address that is checked weekly.)

Registration Deadline

  • Registrations must be completed two weeks before the start date of the semester.

New Student Registration

  • To ensure a time slot in the prep school as a new student, please mail in your first payment upon registration. See “financial info” for the amount to pay. Students will not be scheduled for lessons until the Prep School receives the first payment.

Current Student Registration

  • Registration forms are required each semester. The re-registration form is VERY short to help re-registration not be burdensome.
  • Students need to complete the registration forms filled out even if they have communicated directly with their teacher or the director. We do our best to coordinate lessons for families and classes, and we cannot do so efficiently if we do not have an accurate database of times students are not available.

Lesson Scheduling

  • Lessons times will be assigned no later than one week before the start date of the prep school based on the lesson availability information on the student’s registration form.
  • We cannot guarantee accommodation for late registrations or for students needing a lesson time change due to inaccurate information on the registration form.
  • Lesson scheduling preference will be given to families following the registration protocol.

Attendance Policy

  • Tuition is for enrollment, not attendance.
  • As a courtesy, students need to notify their instructors if they are unable to attend a private or group class.
  • Lessons missed by students, regardless of the reason, will be neither rescheduled nor refunded.
  • Students’ accounts will be credited for a teacher’s absence. In other words, no make-up lessons will be taught.
  • If a student needs/desires additional lessons for whatever reason, his/her account will be billed accordingly.

Inclement Weather Days

  • If the Watertown School District closes due to inclement weather, the prep school is also closed. An email notification will be sent to both students and teachers.
  • Accounts will not be credited for group classes, but a credit will be given for private lessons. Inclement Weather credits will ONLY be given if the Watertown School District closes due to weather.

Student/Teacher Contracts

  • Students enrolling in the prep school must sign a contract each year.
  • Contracts need to be turned in to the prep school director by the second lesson of the year (place the form in the holder outside of the director’s office).

Weekly Reports

  • Teachers and students will fill out a weekly report.
  • Parents need to review and sign the report each week.
  • For positive reinforcement, the awards program is based on the weekly report results.

Participation in Recitals/Professional Evaluation Programs

  • Students are required to participate in the semester recitals and at least one professional evaluation program unless special permission is obtained from the student’s teacher for extenuating circumstances. For options, please see “Recitals, Contests, & Awards.”

Parent/Teacher Communication

  • Parents are encouraged to openly and frequently communicate with the teacher and prep school director.
  • Any unresolvable conflicts or problems should be brought to the attention of the prep school director ASAP.
  • Parents of elementary school students need to come to the last five minutes of their student’s lesson to observe the lesson review and communicate with the teacher in person.
  • Parents of middle or high school students need to attend the first part of a lesson midway through the semester for the purpose of communicating in person regarding your student’s progress (please coordinate this in advance with the teacher). If this is not possible, parents need to initiate contact via email or phone.
  • Written semester progress reports are available upon request.

Teacher Assignment

  • While parents may make teacher requests, piano prep students are assigned by the prep school director to the teacher who will best adapt to the student’s learning style, accommodate the student’s long-term learning goals, and complement the student’s personality. Other factors considered include the student’s overall commitment, the student’s scheduling limitations, and the teacher’s availability.

Requesting a Teacher Change

Occasionally, a student will desire to take lessons from a different teacher. Students wishing to do so need to follow these steps:

  • Openly discuss your desire to change teachers with your current teacher.
  • After reaching a consensus with your teacher about the change, ask your current teacher to email the prep school director with your request. The prep school director will then contact you regarding the requested change.
  • Because all of the piano prep school faculty maintain a waiting list, a teacher change may take time. Additionally, faculty instructors reserve the right to accept new students based on schedule openings as well as the student’s level, potential, goals, and work ethic. Faculty reserve the right to require an official audition and interview.
  • If the reason for wanting the change involves being unable to resolve an issue between a teacher and student/parent, please involve the prep school director.
  • Scholarships are funded by teachers on a very limited basis and only granted in special cases when a family is experiencing financial hardship (detailed application is required). Teachers do not fund scholarships to accommodate teacher changes.

Fingernails and Hand Washing

  • Students need to clip their fingernails and wash their hands before their lessons.


  • Please carefully observe copyright laws. Copies are only made with the understanding that the student has ordered the book.

Permission Waiver

  • Maranatha Piano Prep School reserves absolute rights and permission to use, reproduce, copy, exhibit, or distribute any videotape, audiotape, photographs, or computer files in which the student may be included for use in the Prep School newsletter, publicity, or any other such purpose.

Technology Usage

  • Students working on a finale project, a music recording, a music theory program, an iPad/keyboard program, etc. may reserve times to use the piano prep technology. To reserve a time, email another student is using the technology during your reserved time, please kindly explain that you have reserved the technology for that time.
  • Students using piano prep technology will need to learn to log in, access the software programs, and connect any needed hardware without teacher assistance. (A login reminder card is being laminated and will be placed alongside each laptop.)
  • Students eight years old and under need to be accompanied by parent or guardian.
  • If for some reason a program or the login is not working properly, please email with “computer problem” as the subject and a detailed description of the problem in the e-mail message.
  • Absolutely no food or drinks on or by the pianos, computers, and iPads.
  • Misuse will result in privileges being rescinded.