Recent Grad Secures Competitive Position

Kolinski_Janine-SMaranatha’s Music Department congratulates Janine Kolinski Brown, a recent Maranatha music grad, on being selected from well over 100 applicants for a competitive, Jefferson School District music educator position.

Read Janine’s comments about her experience below:

What surprised you about this interview process? I was surprised by how similar preparing for an interview is to studying for a test! I actually spent several days before the interview researching the district and reading up on commonly asked questions. Little did I know that all of the study habits I learned in college would help me prepare for my interview!

How does it feel to be the one chosen out of so many applicants? I feel very very excited!!! I think the public school system is an important place for Christians to teach because the impact potential is huge.

What makes you most excited about this new opportunity? I’m really excited to work with the large variety of groups. This upcoming school year I will be lead teacher of 6th Grade Band, High School Concert Band, and Color Guard. Along with these three, I will be working hands on with Marching Band, Pep Band, 7th & 8th Grade Bands, and Beginner Band.

Do you have any “words of wisdom” for those about to go through the same process?

  • Make sure you maintain quality relationships with your professors because they are the ones your potential employers contact as references.
  • Maximize all of the opportunities that come your way to “practice teach.” As a student, every chance I had to teach a class was a great opportunity for me to not only experiment with various teaching techniques, but also to learn as much as possible from my professors throughout the process.
  • Be sure to make the most out of your student teaching experience during your last semester. Student teaching definitely helped me learn so much about dealing with students and real life problems.
  • Realize the importance of attending a regionally accredited college such as Maranatha. Maranatha has given me an excellent education, and I am especially thankful that Maranatha’s regional accreditation enables all education graduates to be state certified by the Department of Public Instruction. Without my state certification, I would not be able to teach in the public school system, and I would have never had this incredible opportunity.