Recital Excerpts by Linda Estep on Violin

Linda Estep’s recital was prepared under the direction of Mr. Lewis Rosove and was given in partial fulfillment of the requirements of a Bachelor of Arts in String Pedagogy.

Excerpt 1: Partita II by Johann Sebastian Bach

  • I. Allemande
  • II. Courante
  • III. Sarabande
  • IV. Gigue
  • V. Chaconne

This piece is part of a collection of pieces that Bach wrote for unaccompanied violin. In each movement, Bach combines the bass line with the melody line. This work is most known for the Chaconne at the end of the piece and is a staple in violin repertoire.

Excerpt 2: Sonata for Piano and Violin in A Major by César Franck

  • I. Allegretto moderato
  • II. Allegro
  • III. Recitativo-Fantasia
  • IV. Allegretto poco mosso

In this Sonata, the piano and violin both carry vital roles. At times the composer gives the melody to the piano and the accompaniment to the violin, and vice versa. It is as if the two instruments are having a conversation. Franck wrote this Sonata as a wedding present to a friend; one can definitely hear the emotion in the piece.