Regional Accreditation: The Right Question

Maranatha offers regional accreditation

U.S. News and World Report, in an article about online bachelor’s degrees, said, “… the first thing you need to know about any online school you’re considering is whether or not it is certified by one of the six national U.S. accrediting bodies. This is called regional accreditation, and it’s the highest form of accreditation a college or university can possess.”

Maranatha has been regionally accredited since February 26, 1993. Its graduates often write to thank the College for taking this step to ensure that alumni won’t face difficult hurdles while attempting to secure a spot in the workplace or graduate school.

When considering a college, be sure to find out whether it is regionally accredited. It’s an important question. It’s the right question to ask.


One positive aspect of regional accreditation is portability—that is, the ability for credits to transfer between colleges. When transferring from one regionally
accredited college to another, the only issue (normally) is whether parallel courses exist in both places. When attempting to transfer from a nationally accredited to a regionally accredited college, however, the student is often gambling on whether a friendly relationship exists between the two schools.


When the student graduates, recognition is what he will be depending on to land a job in his career field. Graduates of regionally accredited universities should experience no problems having their degrees recognized by potential employers. The issue of recognition is especially compelling for those seeking a job in education.

Financial Aid

Students from regionally accredited colleges can be confident that their academic credentials will not be called into question when they apply for financial aid. Maranatha students are eligible for nearly all federal and Wisconsin aid programs. Many of these programs are restricted to regionally accredited colleges. Maranatha students are also eligible for Pell Grants, loans, scholarships, and other aid programs.


Accrediting agencies recognize colleges that have attained a high level of educational quality. The North Central Association of the Higher Learning Commission is the regional accrediting body that determines whether Maranatha is fulfilling its promise to its students to provide them with a quality education. The North Central Association does not dictate policies relative to student life and behavior standards or limit the College’s ability to make God’s Word the center of every course.

The Final Word

Maranatha cares about its students. The College began its quest for regional accreditation to enable its graduates to enroll in postgraduate studies and professional fields without their options being limited. When considering any college, be sure to ask if it is regionally accredited. After you have satisfied yourself regarding a college’s fidelity to the Bible and the quality of the academic programs, finding out about the type of accreditation may be the most important question you can ask.

Maranatha is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association. Visit or call 312-263-0456.