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ScreenShot_2014-01-06_11-46-52Great Lakes Music Festival enthuses music students

across the midwest every year!

Last year, festival participants were thrilled with their experience. Read a few short testimonials below:

  • The overall experience was incredible. It is amazing how they manage to teach these pieces in less than 24 hours and it all comes together in the end. I couldn’t believe how amazing it turned out. ~Laura Tucker
  • The Great Lakes Music Festival was a great opportunity for my piano students. To take a piece of music from the beginning in piano lessons and to see it all the way through to a performance level at the Festival (with guidance and instruction from Maranatha professors along the way) was hugely beneficial! Thank You! ~Jess Counterman
  • I greatly enjoyed being apart of the GLMF! This was my first year to attend and it was most definitely a “thumbs up” experience! I learned much and had a lot fun in the process. Thanks for such a great weekend Maranatha! ~Alayna Farmer
  • Great Lakes Music Festival was a very professional musical experience working under and with all these amazing people. ~Melissa Rhine
  • The best part about the Great Lakes experience is that the music is played and sung to the honor of the One who created music. ~David Feig
  • The faculty and students made me feel at home from the moment I stepped on campus. I’d been to Maranatha before and people remembered me from my last visit, and made me feel like I already belonged even though I’m only a Freshman in highschool!!~Megan Rediske
  • I love the fact that we were singing songs that praised God both with the music and the words! ~Charissa Alexander

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