ROTC Cadets Attend President’s Dinner

PresidentsDinner500pxTwo Maranatha Army ROTC cadets and two Air Force cadets attended Maranatha’s President’s List dinner Feb. 26.

The President’s List dinner is for students who achieved only A’s during the previous semester. Senior Andrew Domsic and sophomore Elijah Walters earned the honor of being invited to the table. Two of Maranatha’s Air Force cadets made the list as well, Garrett Holmes and Josiah Johnson.

Because the dinner is a formal event, all Army cadets wore their Service or Class-A uniform. After a great meal, the faculty allowed students to ask questions about the institution.

Charlie Company cadets have always strived to put academics at the top of their priority list.  Domsic and Walters are leading the way for future ROTC students.