ROTC Field Training Exercises Build Confidence

Freshman Cadet Cody Corski recently wrote about his experiences at his first Field Training Exercise.

My first Field Training Exercise (FTX) was a lot of hard work, but overall, a great time!

We were able to participate in great activities like an obstacle course, confidence course, battle formation drills, medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) training, and lots of land navigation. That may sound like a lot for one weekend, but the U.S. Army knows how to train its soldiers. The Army is also famous for how they feed us. I got a taste of my first MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) as well—supplemented by a cookout and Subway, which didn’t hurt).

Land navigation can be a torturous event for some Cadets; but, for some odd reason, I enjoyed it. That was my favorite thing about the entire weekend. It’s challenging but also very rewarding when you find a point using only a compass, a map, and your own wits. There were two night sessions and one day session. Land navigation is a confidence game as much as a skill. Anyone can plot a point and follow the directions, but you have to be confident in your equipment and yourself if you want to succeed.

The fall FTX was a great experience for me as a new Cadet. The interaction with other Cadets from Madison (Alpha Company) and Whitewater (Bravo Company) was something I really enjoyed. Because the U.S. military makes up only about 1 percent of the entire nation’s population, I will probably run into them in the future.  I was impressed with the respect the Maranatha Cadets showed for each other and everyone else.  I think that gives us an advantage in the areas of teamwork and mission accomplishment.  Our motivation for following orders goes far beyond the fear of having to do pushups.

As Christians, values such as respect, loyalty, and integrity play a large part because we live for more than ourselves.  I look forward to working together with every person in the ROTC program here, and I’m glad the Lord led me to Maranatha.

–By Cody Gorski