ROTC Orientation Day


ROTC Orientation Day, August 27, 2011, had a great turnout of freshmen who wanted to join the Maranatha ROTC program. The purpose of the orientation was to familiarize the incoming freshman cadets with ROTC at Maranatha.

Events began with an introduction of basic need-to-know information. Major Derrek Schultheiss said a few words, congratulating the new Cadets on having chosen ROTC and the seniors for their success at the Leadership Development and Assessment Course. During this time, Major Schultheiss explained his goals for the year, including some new training events. The  fun stuff then began, starting with the one-rope bridge, then a rock wall climb and a HUMV pull.

The one-rope bridge, a Ranger Challenge event, is a hanging bridge constructed between two trees and made from a single rope. At this event, the older cadets showed the freshmen the workings of the rope bridge and the different aspects that go into crossing it. They demonstrated the harness needed to cross the bridge and the proper way of tying it. The rope bridge was probably the most technical of all the day’s events.

The next event was the rock wall climb. This is mobile rock wall that you might see at a fair, just Army style. Alll cadets tried their hand at it; some succeeded some didn’t, but all tried their best. Once all the cadets were thoroughly exhausted from the rope bridge and rock wall, they moved on to the final event, the HUMV pull.

A  HUMV is parked at the end of the parking lot behind Old Main with a rope attached to its front. A number of cadets were lined up on the rope and were told to pull the HUMV to the other end of the parking lot. When the HUMV was finally done being pulled it had been moved four or five times.

Finally, at the end of that grueling excitement, all the cadets were treated to refreshments and lunch at the ROTC building. This was a time of getting to know one another and learning a little bit about everyone. With the end of the meal came the end of Maranatha ROTC Orientation day 2011, a few hours of good, clean Army fun. Hooah!