ROTC Volunteers Build Community Relations

Physical fitness and competition are both very familiar to ROTC Cadets, so it was a natural fit for Maranatha’s Charlie Company to accept a request for assistance with Watertown’s second annual Rockman Challenge, a mini-triathlon.

The Rockman Challenge, organized by Gregg Breese, Pete Berres, and other local outdoor and fitness enthusiasts, features a 3-mile paddle on the Rock River, a 13.5-mile bike route, and a 3-mile trail run concluded by a quarter-mile obstacle course. This year’s event drew more than 300 participants of various ages.

The event kicked off with an opening ceremony that featured the Maranatha Color Guard, commanded by Rosa Lewis, presenting and posting the Colors. Many city officials were also at the ceremony, including Watertown mayor Ron Krueger.

The Cadets’ primary responsibilities were to assist participants out of their watercraft at the portage just before the dam and, later, to provide motivational assistance at the obstacle course. The Cadets performed their duties courteously and proficiently, receiving many compliments from participants and event staff both during and after the event.

The event provided an excellent opportunity for Maranatha Cadets to give back to their community.

Special thanks goes to the Rockman Challenge staff for allowing Charlie Company to help and to the following Cadets who took the time to serve their community: Justin Adams, Elijah Wilson, Katie Biddle, Jonathan Zastrow, Jordan Dersch,  Tyler Wesley, Rosa Lewis, Michelle Kramlich, Elijah Walters, Cody Gorski, Oliver Klein, Joel Auchtung, Robert Truax, Donald Griffith, and Jeff Canterbury.

–Written by Jared Domsic