U.S. Army

ROTC OrientationThe U.S. Army ROTC program at Maranatha is an excellent way to train for a lifetime of leadership. By partnering with the Department of Military Science & Leadership at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Maranatha’s ROTC program not only trains you for leadership, it also provides you with the opportunity to become a commissioned officer in the U.S. military upon graduation.

ROTC is open to all majors and can be combined with an Organizational Leadership minor or concentration. ROTC accepts students who are athletes, leaders, and scholars, giving them skills that will be useful for life. In fact, many ROTC graduates become successful business or government leaders. One additional benefit of ROTC is that it provides increased opportunity for financial aid.

Maranatha’s ROTC students find the program extremely exciting. If you join the ROTC program, here are some of the activities you may participate in:

  • Military training exercises locally and at Fort McCoy
  • Competitions with ROTC programs from other colleges, such as Ranger Challenge
  • Color guard presentations at Maranatha and elsewhere
  • Helicopter rides to U.S. bases
  • Camaraderie with fellow cadets

The Army ROTC Concentration is similar to the Organizational Leadership minor from the Department of Business; however, only ROTC cadets are eligible for the higher-level classes.

Contact Derrek Schultheiss (414-852-8825) for questions concerning scholarships or the program in general.



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