Course Schedule

Seminary Class

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Spring 2016 Online Session B Courses

March 8 – May 28

Course CodeCourse TitleCreditsSessionLocationProfessor
GBC 513Counseling Problems and Procedures2BOnlineDr. Bruce Meyer
GCM 511History of Sacred Music3BOnlineDr. Michelle Clater
GNT 504BGreek Grammar 2B1BOnlineMr. Jon Rehfeldt
GNT 530Exposition of the Pastoral Epistles3BOnlineDr. Andrew Hudson
GST 510Systematic Theology Prolegomena1BOnlineDr. Larry Oats
GST 612Systematic Theology 23BOnlineDr. Fred Moritz

Summer 2016 Module Courses

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Course CodeCourse NameDatesProfessor
GCM 522Choral Conducting 2May 9-13, 2016Dr. David Brown
GPA 522Expository Preaching of the Old TestamentMay 9-13, 2016Dr. David Pennington
GBC 537Marriage and Family CounselingJune 27 - July 1, 2016Dr. Greg Huffman

Summer 2016 Online Session A Courses

May 10 – July 30

Course CodeCourse TitleCreditsSessionLocationProfessor
GNT 556Exposition of Revelation3AOnlineDr. Andrew Hudson
GOT 513Hebrew Reading2AOnlineDr. Preston Mayes
GOT 535Exposition of Minor Prophets3AOnlineDr. Preston Mayes
GST 510Systematic Theology Prolegomena1AOnlineDr. Larry Oats
GST 520Dispensationalism and Hermeneutics3AOnlineDr. Larry Oats

Summer 2016 Online Session B Courses

July 5- September 24

Course CodeCourse TitleCreditsSessionLocationProfessor
GHI 608Baptist History3BOnlineDr. Fred Moritz
GNT 532Exposition of First Corinthians3BOnlineDr. Andrew Hudson
GPA 721The Pastor and the Law2BOnlineDr. Matt Davis
GST 510Systematic Theology Prolegomena1BOnlineDr. Larry Oats
GST 614Systematic Theology 43BOnlineDr. Larry Oats

Fall 2016 Residential Courses

August 29-December 14

Course CodeCourse NameCreditsProfessor
GBC 550Proverbs and Counseling2Dr. Larry Oats
GBS 510Intro to Old and New Testaments3Dr. Andrew Hudson and Dr. Preston Mayes
GHI 628History of Christianity3Dr. Fred Moritz
GNT 503Greek Grammar 12Mr. Benjamin Flegal
GNT 517 01Greek Reading3Dr. Andrew Hudson
GNT 517 02Greek Reading3Dr. Andrew Hudson
GNT 519Exegetical Method2Dr. Andrew Hudson
GNT 737Exegesis of Romans3Dr. Andrew Hudson
GOT 511Hebrew Grammar3Dr. Preston Mayes
GOT 521Old Testament Backgrounds3Dr. Preston Mayes
GOT 534Major Prophets3Dr. Fred Moritz
GOT 543Proverbs2Dr. Larry Oats
GOT 615Hebrew Syntax2Dr. Preston Mayes
GOT 712Exegesis and Exposition of Poetry3Dr. Preston Mayes
GPA 521Introduction to Preaching2Dr. Bruce Meyer
GPA 530Philosophy of Ministry2Dr. Kevin Schaal
GPA 614Baptist Polity2Dr. Fred Moritz
GST 520Dispensationalism/Hermeneutics3Dr. Larry Oats
GST 605Logic for Theology3Dr. Andrew Hudson
GST 612Systematic Theology 23Dr. Fred Moritz

Fall 2016 Online Session A Courses

August 30-November 19

Course CodeCourse TitleCreditsSessionLocationProfessor
GNT 503AGreek Grammar 1A1AOnlineMr. Jonathan Rehfeldt
GNT 540Acts3AOnlineDr. Andrew Hudson
GPA 524Principles of Bible Study3AOnlineDr. Larry Oats
GST 510Systematic Theology Prolegomena1AOnlineDr. Larry Oats

Fall 2016 Online Session B Courses

October 25- January 14

Course CodeCourse TitleCreditsSessionLocationProfessor
GNT 503BGreek Grammar 1B1BOnlineMr. Jon Rehfeldt
GOT 514Biblical Theology of the Old Testament3BOnlineDr. Preston Mayes
GST 510Systematic Theology Prolegomena1BOnlineDr. Larry Oats
GST 611Systematic Theology 12BOnlineDr. Larry Oats

Doctor of Ministry Courses

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Course CodeCourse NameDatesLocationProfessor
DMI 800Research and WritingAvailable upon acceptance to the programOnlineDr. Larry Oats
DLE 808Developing Leaders in the Local ChurchJune 6 - 10ModuleDr. Jeff Brown
DLE 806Theology of LeadershipAugust 1 - 5ModuleDr. Fred Moritz