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course schedule

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Winter 2016 Module Courses

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Course CodeCourse NameCreditsDatesProfessor
GCM 522Choral Conducting 22January 4-8, 2016Dr. David Brown
DPA 801Great Preachers and Great Preaching4January 11-15, 2016Dr. Larry Oats

Spring 2016 Residential Courses

Course CodeCourse TitleCreditsDaysTimeRoomProfessor
GBC 535Crisis Counseling2TR10:30AM-11:20AMCL102Dr. Bruce Meyer
GBC 550Proverbs and Counseling2TR12:00PM-1:15PMCL102Dr. Larry Oats
GCC 509Linguistics3MWF8:15AM-9:05AMOM212Mrs. Angela Morris
GCC 520Inter-Cultural Communication3MWF10:30AM-11:20AMOM306Dr. Steven Love
GHI 515American Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism3MF10:30AM-12:20PMOM302Dr. Larry Oats
GNT 504Greek Grammar 22TWRF7:15AM-8:05AMOM302Mr. Ben Flegal
GNT 518Exegetical Grammar2MWF7:15AM-8:05AMOM304Dr. Andrew Hudson
GNT 518Exegetical Grammar2TRF7:15AM-8:05AMOM304Dr. Andrew Hudson
GNT 534Exposition of Hebrews3MWF11:30AM-12:20PMOM304Dr. Andrew Hudson
GNT 742Exegegis and Exposition of Prison Epistles3TR12:00PM-1:15PMOM302Dr. Andrew Hudson
GOT 512Hebrew Grammar 23MWF8:15AM-9:05AMCL102Dr. Preston Mayes
GOT 528Exposition of Pentateuch3TR10:30AM-11:45AMOM304Dr. Preston Mayes
GOT 543Exposition of Proverbs2TR12:00PM-1:15PMCL102Dr. Larry Oats
GOT 616Hebrew Exegesis2WF10:30AM-11:20AMCL102Dr. Preston Mayes
GOT 711Exegesis and Exposition 1 and 2 Samuel3TR1:30PM-2:45PMCL102Dr. Preston Mayes
GPA 511Church Administration2W10:30AM-12:20PMOM302Dr. Marty Marriott
GPA 717Discipleship and Mentoring2M9:15AM-11:20AMCL102Dr. Larry Ball
GST 520Dispensationalism and Hermeneutics3TR7:50AM-9:05AMCL102Dr. Larry Oats
GST 530Apologetics and Worldviews3TR12:00PM-1:15PMOM306Dr. Dwayne Morris
GST 614Systematic Theology 43MWF12:30PM-1:20PMOM302Dr. Larry Oats
GST 710Theology of the Kingdom3MWF12:30PM-1:20PMOM304Dr. Andrew Hudson

Spring 2016 Online Session A Courses

Course CodeCourse TitleCreditsSessionLocationProfessor    
DMI 800Research and Writing0AOnlineDr. Larry Oats
GBC 503Methods of Biblical Change2AOnlineMr. Matthew Walker
GHI 548History of Baptist Missions3AOnlineDr. Steve Love
GNT 504AGreek Grammar 2A1AOnlineMr. Jonathan Rehfeldt
GNT 515Biblical Theology of New Testament3AOnlineDr. Andrew Hudson
GOT 540Exposition of Job3AOnlineDr. Preston Mayes
GST 510Systematic Theology Prolegomena1AOnlineDr. Larry Oats

Spring 2016 Online Session B Courses

Course CodeCourse TitleCreditsSessionLocationProfessor
DMI 800Research and Writing0BOnlineDr. Larry Oats
GBC 513Counseling Problems and Procedures3BOnlineDr. Bruce Meyer
GCM 511History of Sacred Music3BOnlineDr. Michelle Clater
GNT 504BGreek Grammar 2B1BOnlineMr. Jon Rehfeldt
GNT 530Exposition of the Pastoral Epistles3BOnlineDr. Andrew Hudson
GST 510Systematic Theology Prolegomena1BOnlineDr. Larry Oats
GST 612Systematic Theology 23BOnlineDr. Fred Moritz

Summer 2016 Module Courses

Summer Modules     
Course CodeCourse NameDatesProfessor
GPA 522Expository Preaching of the old TestamentMay 9-13, 2016Dr. David Pennington
GPA 721The Pastor and the LawMay 16-20, 2016Dr. Matt Davis
GOT 528PentateuchJune 20-24, 2016Dr. Preston Mayes
GOT 543 ProverbsJune 20-24, 2016Dr. Larry Oats
GBC 550 Proverbs and CounselingJune 20-24, 2016Dr. Larry Oats
GST 520 DispensationalismJune 27 - July 1, 2016Dr. Larry Oats
GBC 537Marriage and Family CounselingJune 27 - July 1, 2016Dr. Huffman