Biblical Counseling

Students learning about Biblical Counseling

Do you desire to be a wise counselor? Are you in full-time ministry, or perhaps a different vocation, but want to be a more effective communicator of biblical counsel for those struggling with sin?

If so, consider the Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling. The curriculum includes practical courses in topics such as crisis counseling and addictive behavior while providing a solid foundation of biblical and theological courses from which to build practical applications. The program is now offered in both traditional and summer formats.

  • Acquainted with classic theology, as well as current trends in theology
  • Seeking a spiritually fervent life of ministry
  • Competent to discern current trends, particularly in the area of Biblical Counseling, and their relationship to biblical truth
  • Faithful to the Holy Spirit’s work through God’s Word in his or her personal life and ministry
  • Desirous of ministry of counseling in a church, youth, campus, or missions setting
  • Capable of further training in Biblical Counseling by developing the research and communication skills and the foundational knowledge of Biblical Counseling necessary to successfully pursue additional graduate studies

Available in traditional and summer formats!

In addition to the traditional semester format, Maranatha Baptist Seminary offers the opportunity to earn a Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling in a summer module format.  You can earn a degree in just two summers with online courses and module courses offered in June each year.

“This will really appeal to school teachers and administrators, and to students working as graduate assistants during the school year,” said Dr. Larry Oats, Dean of the Seminary. “Some classes can be taken online, some can be taken in summer modules, and, if possible, they may even combine those hours with traditional classes taken on campus.”

“The opportunity to earn a master’s degree in two summers, even though they will be very busy summers, plus online will be a good, practical option for a lot of people,” Oats said.

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