Maranatha Baptist Seminary strives to make your pursuit of further education as financially feasible as possible. We strive to keep the tuition of the seminary low, and we offer several scholarships and discounts. To be eligible for a scholarship, each time you register for classes you must also complete the scholarship request form. The form must be submitted before classes begin.

Seminary Scholarships

Scholarship You Are EligibleDetails
Seminary Test DriveIf you have never taken a course at Maranatha Seminary.Your first two credit hours are tuition-free.
Seminary ScholarshipIf you are a full-time Christian worker (pastor, pastoral staff member, Christian school teacher, Christian school administrator, camp director, evangelist, or missionary) who is also employed and paid for at least 35 hours/week for at least 9 months of the year.You may receive a 50% tuition credit on 6 credits after your Test Drive.
You may receive a tuition credit on courses thereafter if your church supports MBS regularly. Contact the seminary office for details.
Senior Citizen (55+) ScholarshipIf you are at least 55 years of age.You may receive a 50% tuition credit on all credits after your Test Drive.
Seminary Spouse ScholarshipIf your spouse is a full-time student (taking 8 or more credits) at Maranatha Baptist Seminary.You may receive a 50% tuition credit on all credits after your Test Drive, assuming your spouse is enrolled full-time in the seminary. GA spouses are not eligible.
(on-campus only)
If you want to take a class just to learn---not to take quizzes or write papers. 50% of regular tuition, plus comp fees. Audited courses appear on your transcript.
Personal Enrichment
(virtual classes/online classes)
If you want to just virtually attend or observe a class.You pay just $100/course. There is no transcript record for personal enrichment.

Please remember:

  • All scholarships and discounts apply to tuition only; you will still be responsible for comprehensive fees, books, materials and other fees.
  • Only one scholarship or discount may be applied per credit hour.
  • Scholarships will be applied to your account in the form of an account credit approximately 8 weeks after the course starts.