Free Webinars

Maranatha Baptist Seminary has provided a series of free webinars (web-based seminars) designed to strengthen church leadership during previous academic years. Each topic offered free training to Christian leaders in vital areas of local church ministry.

Webinar topics included:

  • Local Church and the Law
  • Governance and Administration
  • Risk Management
  • Biblical Counseling
  • Counseling People in Crisis

Professors included:

Matt DavisDr. Matt Davis

Maranatha’s Executive Vice President, formerly Corporate Counsel and Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness, was an attorney for the Christian Law Association. Dr. Davis has helped teach thousands of churches how to avoid facing legal difficulties.

Bruce MeyerDr. Bruce Meyer

The Maranatha Baptist Seminary professor and former pastor now teaches biblical counseling. He is a featured speaker on counseling-related topics at many area churches, conferences, and retreats.

Webinar archive

SpeakerTopicView past webinars
Bruce MeyerBiblical Self-ImageView this webinar now
Bruce MeyerBreaking the Grip of Enslaving SinView this webinar now.
Bruce MeyerDepression: Living in Chronic DarknessView this webinar now
Bruce MeyerGetting to the Heart of Counseling: Root v. FruitView this webinar now.
Bruce MeyerHealing After GriefView this webinar now.
Bruce MeyerPTSD: Picking up the Pieces after TraumaView this seminar here
Bruce MeyerThe Heart of AngerView this webinar now
Matt DavisEmployment Law Guidelines for MinistriesView this webinar now.
Matt DavisIncorporation v. Unincorporation: Why It MattersView this webinar now.
Matt DavisMinistry LiabilitiesView this webinar now
Matt DavisPastors, Pulpits and Politics: What you Can and Cannot SayView this webinar now.
Matt DavisProtecting Your Children's MinistryView this webinar here
Matt DavisSecuring and Protecting the Church PremisesView this webinar now
Matt DavisThe Seven Biggest Threats to Your Tax-Exempt StatusView this webinar now.