Final Exams

Exam Slips

All students must pay their financial obligation to the University or make satisfactory arrangements with the Business Office for any balance due prior to the beginning of final exams to receive a final exam slip.

Exam Slips and Final Exams

Students must present exam permits to teachers at the beginning of each final exam.
  • Lost exam slips may be purchased in the Business Office for $5.
  • Failure to take exams on time due to lack of an exam permit is treated as an absence unless special written permission from the Administration is given to take exams late.
  • Students without exam permits must appear at the beginning of class for attendance purposes.

Level of Dress

Class Casual (please see Men, Women) [EC 5/11].

Final Exam Attendance

Final exams must be taken on the days and at the times they are scheduled [AO 11/10].
Excused reasons can be granted only by the Dean of Students. In those exceptional cases when the Dean of Students excuses rescheduling, you will need to arrange with the faculty for a no-fee time and place to take your final exam(s). There are very few excused reasons for rescheduling finals. These might include:
  • Having three or more exams occurring on the same day.
  • You are participating in a university sanctioned activity (e.g. softball or baseball team member, or a member of a university touring group).
  • Regularly scheduled work conflict.
  • Illness (you must notify the Student Health Center within 24 hours after the exam) or surgery scheduled out of a medical necessity to not delay it past exams.
  • Participation in a wedding or attendance at a close relative’s wedding or graduation.
  • Health emergency of a parent.
  • Military orders requiring you to report during exam week.
Unexcused reasons are handled by your faculty who may or may not make alternate arrangements. Reasons include:
  • Transportation issues – booking errors, rides leaving early, free rides, family reunions, vacation plans, huge airline ticket savings, etc.
  • Job search issues – mandatory training, small window of opportunity, interview, etc.
  • Health issues that are not emergencies – You need surgery before a major event or vacation, etc.

Absence Penalties

  • Students are expected to take finals when scheduled. Students generally receive a failing grade for missing a final, regardless of the quality of other work.
  • If you do not take your final exam, it is considered a class cut [AO 12/10]

Process for Moving a Final Exam

To reschedule an exam, please download and print the Final Exam Adjustment form. Please remember that Faculty have the option to deny your request, let you take the exam with another section or class they teach, or place it in the Library. A $50 fee is charged for each final exam rescheduled for unexcused reasons. Rescheduling an exam is not a right. It is subject to faculty consent.

Download the Final Exam Adjustment form.