Off Campus Sibling Policy

Siblings may live together off-campus under the following circumstances:

  • At least one sibling must meet all of the criteria for living off campus, including the minimum age requirement.
  • Male students may only live with married sisters and female students may only live with married brothers. The Sibling Agreement form is not required for this arrangement.
  • Siblings must live within the Watertown city limits.
  • The younger sibling must have completed 15 hours of classes with grades “C” or better while living in Maranatha residence halls or residence halls of like institutions [AC 8/09].
  • Both siblings must meet the deportment/demerit record qualification.
  • The Student Life Office must have permission (written or emailed) from a parent or guardian.

Permission will be withdrawn if the student experiences significant academic difficulties or violates Maranatha standards, including the housing agreement policy.