Games, Movies, TV

Movie/TV Policy – Theaters, Streaming, DVDs/Blu-ray, etc.

You are expected to exercise spiritually mature judgment concerning what you view and to refrain from viewing videos or television programming that glorifies violence, immorality, or profanity. Believers must recognize that what they view impacts them subtly and insidiously and can infect them with ungodly attitudes, desires, and motivations.
  • No student, whether living off or on campus, may watch a movie in a movie theater at any time, including on the weekends or during Thanksgiving or spring break.
  • No students, whether living on or off campus, may view or show R- or X- rated videos or television movies.
  • Dorm students may not rent or check out movies from the public library or a video store.
  • Dorm students may watch permitted media in the residence hall within the approved times.

Games (Computer or Table)

  • Games with an adult only (AO) rating are banned.
  • Games with a mature (M) or teen (T) rating will be evaluated on an individual basis by the Deans or Dorm Supervisors. The following type of games will not be approved:
    • Fantasy games involving the occult or Satanism (e.g. Magic: The Gathering).
    • Games that glorify mutilation or that promote impure thoughts.
  • Most games rated for everyone (E) will generally be approved unless they deal with gambling.
  • Games dealing with gambling, associated with gambling, or have the appearance of gambling (1Thess. 5:22), and the exchange of personal property are not permitted.
  • Computer software that contains crude or vulgar language, drugs, gambling, gore, immorality, nudity, rock music background, satanic or occult overtones, sensual or suggestive content, swearing, or violence are not approved.

Internet Clips

All movie clips, sports highlights, and video clips that are online or saved on your computer should meet Maranatha’s entertainment policies [SL 8/09].


You are expected to use godly judgment when choosing recreational literature; literature that is corrupt in language or content is not permitted.

The following representative list (not exhaustive) of magazines will be confiscated and disposed of with or without the owner’s consent because they do not promote a Philippians 4:8 mindset:
GQ (Gentleman's Quarterly)
Teen Vogue
Swimsuit editions of any magazines