Maranatha Baptist University desires that all students learn to appreciate good music. The principle of “proving what is acceptable to the Lord (Eph. 5:10)” should guide our music decisions.
  • All music that students listen to in residence hall rooms or vehicles must be compatible with Maranatha’s music standards.

Approved Music

The following types of music may be used in campus programs, and students may have these types of music in their dormitories or automobiles
  • Classical
  • Approved religious music
  • Semi-classical (light concert music, music from operettas, and such as has passed into the concert repertoire), band music, old familiar songs such as the music of Stephen Foster, or early American songs where the album is obviously serious music.

Unapproved Music

The following types of music may not be used in campus programs, and students may not have this music in dormitories or automobiles
  • Alternative Rock
  • Jazz
  • Contemporary Christian Music (CCM)
  • Rap
  • Rock
  • Folk Rock
  • Gospel Rock

Standards by Which Music Is Judged

  • The lyrics—What do the words say or suggest?
  • The music—Is the music filled with a heavy bass, loudness, a driving beat, or breathy or sensual characteristics?
  • The association—What is associated with the music, performers, or performances of this kind of music?

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