Student Jobs: Great Opportunities

Screen Printing

Every college offers student jobs. Students need money; colleges need someone to vacuum the carpets, answer the office phones, and change the light bulbs.

But how many colleges offer work that is truly educational? Many of Maranatha’s student jobs are much more than you expect—positions of responsibility that mirror real-life work experiences.

“People keep asking me why I am so comfortable teaching right out of college,” said Abigail Call (’11), a Christian school music teacher. “I tell them it is because Maranatha trains you very well. I had three-plus years of teaching experience at the Piano Prep School before I graduated. I’m grateful for that.”

More than 400 Maranatha students worked on campus during the 2010-11 academic year. Some of those students landed unique job opportunities through the College’s ancillary educational enterprises—Piano Prep School and String Prep School, Kiddie Kampus child care, Maranatha Learning Services, and Maranatha Communications Corporation.

Luke Mielke (’11) was able to participate in the business development of Maranatha Communications Corporation from its beginning. While working as a videographer and in the screen printing arm of the Corporation, Mielke participated in the budgeting, requisition, outsourcing, and equipment acquisition processes. Maranatha Communications Corporation is a full service marketing and media resource for ministries and non-profits.

“Working for MCC allowed me to apply my business major in a realworld environment while still being under the tutorship of experienced professors who were available for questions,” Mielke said. “I learned how to start up my own business without putting the money up front myself.”

Kiddie Kampus director Layna Steuerwald currently employs 16 students. Many are Teacher Education and Early Childhood Education majors who learn by interacting with children—an experience that can’t be simulated in a traditional classroom. Kiddie Kampus benefits from top-notch students who are also competent workers.

“Our effectiveness is enhanced by our college assistant teachers,” Steuerwald said. “Some parents never see the main staff; to them, the college assistants are Kiddie Kampus.

“They are well-trained, loving to the children, enthusiastic about their work, and a tremendous outreach to our parents. We choose carefully, because these students are a tremendous asset to our business and ministry.”

Piano Prep School“Getting to know the kids and families has probably been my favorite part,” Kiddie Kampus student worker Emilie Carr said. “It’s really neat to watch the kids grow up and move from one classroom to the next. “It has also been a great opportunity to see a lot of the things we learn about in education classes. Diversity, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, dealing with coworkers, dealing with parents, approaches to discipline, transitions … all of these terms we learn about in school take on a whole new meaning as you see what these things actually mean and how they affect a day at Kiddie Kampus.”

The Piano and String Prep Schools serve as a visible outreach to the Watertown community, providing quality musical training for residents and their children. The teaching experience is an intense one for student workers. Video of lesson time is reviewed by College faculty members who answer questions and provide weekly feedback and suggestions for improvement. Student workers also are introduced to the business side of setting up their own future studios.

Sarah (Delaney) Stevens (’11) said her time with the Piano Prep School was a diverse and worthwhile educational experience.

“Being a part of the Prep School allowed me to learn the business aspects of teaching, the intricacies of scheduling lessons, and the importance of teacher-parent relationships,” Stevens said. “Lesson planning, event planning, and the purchasing of music for students all showed me the importance of working ahead and being aware of the students’ individual needs.

“Teaching in the Prep School allowed me to experience the rich rewards of teaching and to gain invaluable experience before entering into the world as a passionate young graduate ready to pour my life into teaching my students.”