Living in a Maranatha dorm means gaining another family. With over 500 students living in Maranatha’s ten residence halls, there is no shortage of friends to be made, and dorm life is often an unforgettable aspect of a college career. Lasting friendships are made in the dorms, and group devotions three nights out of the week encourage spiritual growth. Maranatha has ten residence halls, each with a unique design and personality. Each of Maranatha’s dorm is equipped with a printer than can be accessed online. Each dorm also contains laundry facilities that students can use with a debit or credit card.

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Maranatha’s five women’s dorms stand on the north side of campus and share plenty of parking lot space. Each room has many possibilities for decor, and residents enjoy filling their rooms with color and life.

Day Hall was constructed in 2006 and is the newest edition to the girl’s side of campus. The rooms fit four girls comfortably. Each room consists of two sets of bunk beds (four beds total), a sink, two dressers, two mirrors and a luxurious walk-in-closet. Also, each floor has a bathroom, complete with four communal showers. If one wants to relax, both the second and third floors have spacious study rooms with a table and a comfortable couch. If a computer is needed, each floor contains a small computer lab with two computers for use by any girl in the dorm. The first floor contains a lobby which acts as a study area as well as a place in which the girls meet for dorm devotions every Tuesday night. Also, each floor is complete with laundry amenities. Day also has four practice rooms with pianos in the first floor lobby.
In Gould Hall, each room is able to comfortably house four girls with each girl having ample closet and dresser space. Rooms also provide desks and chairs. Gould has two floors, both containing a bathroom and a separate communal shower room. It also provides students with laundry amenities in the basement of the dorm. Need to relax? Head downstairs to the basement and enjoy a spacious area to relax or even spend time with friends. Late night for studying? No problem. The basement also has a vending machine to fuel those late night hunger and thirst cravings.
Hilsen Hall is often nicknamed the “Hilton” due to the amenities provided in each of the single rooms. Each room in Hilsen provides girls with a personal bathroom, complete with a sink and shower. Each room also contains a spacious closet, dressers and desks, with sufficient room for four girls. There are two floors, each of which has an air-conditioned lobby, comfortable for relaxing or doing homework. The second floor boasts a kitchen complete with microwave, sink, and refrigerator.
Melford Hall has a perk of being the closest dorm to the rest of the Maranatha campus. Each room can comfortably house four girls. Each room also contains sufficient closet space, desks and dressers. Communal bathrooms and shower rooms are provided on both floors. For an escape from the dorm room, girls are provided with a spacious study area in the basement. A vending machine and microwave are also housed in the basement.
Weeks Hall residents have often said: “Weeks is worth the walk.” Once you enter the dorm, you enter the Weeks family. This dorm is similar in construction to Gould Dorm. Weeks has two separate floors, each containing a bathroom and a separate communal shower room. Girls can be found relaxing or having fun in the spacious study room located in the basement. Convenient laundry amenities are also provided.

Maranatha’s five men’s dorms form a semicircle on the south side of campus surrounding a large grassy quad. Students enjoy pickup football and soccer games on the quad. A parking lot is situated conveniently behind the men’s dorms, and each dorm has its own vending machines.

Armitage Hall is uniquely located a block off campus, and its residents are older students pursuing senior-level or seminary coursework. There are two common areas that provide microwaves, refrigerators, couches, and beanbag chairs. Armitage is a former motorcycle shop that was purchased and renovated in 1995.
Any given room in Carey Hall can comfortably house four to five male students. Each room contains three bunk beds (a total of six beds), dressers, and three desks. Students are able to arrange the furniture in whatever way works best for the dynamic of the room. There are communal shower rooms and bathrooms on each floor. When students desire to relax, the dorm provides a spacious basement area, complete with couches and a television for watching sports.
Rooms in Judson Hall comfortably house up to six male students. Every room provides residents with desks, dressers, and ample closet space. Communal shower rooms and bathrooms are provided on each floor, as well as a room for quiet studying. If one desires to relax, there is a basement complete with couches, a foosball table, and an electric piano. Laundry facilities are also provided.
Each room in Leland Hall holds a maximum of four students. Though Leland is a longer walk, it is also the newest dorm on the guy’s side of campus. Each room contains ample closet space for students. Each room also contains two desks to be shared among the roommates. Leland is the only men’s dorm with three floors. Each floor contains a bathroom, complete with communal showers. The second floor of the dorm contains a spacious lobby, complete with couches, chairs, and tables perfect for relaxing or doing homework. On the third floor, there is also a small computer lab available to the students.
A typical room in Spurgeon Hall houses four to five men comfortably. Each room contains three dressers and three desks with sufficient space for all roommates. The rooms also contain a wall that consists of shelves and rods to compose a closet space with ample space for all. Both floors contain a communal bathroom and shower room. Guys can relax in a spacious study area in the basement complete with couches, or in the lobby.