Find the corresponding number from our map below, or get more information about our dorms and other facilities.

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1. Old Main
1A. Century House
2. Facilities Management
3. Library
4. Dining Complex/Welcome Center
5. Gymnasium
6. Alumni Office
7. Spurgeon Hall (M)
8. Judson Hall (M)
9. Carey Hall (M)
10. Leland Hall (M)
11. Armitage Hall (M)
12. Weeks Hall (W)
13. Gould Hall (W)
14. Day Hall (W)
15. Hilsen Hall (W)
16. Melford Hall (W)
17. Hanneman Hall
18. Science Lab
19. Guest Suites
20. Duplexes (W)
21. Science Faculty Offices
22. Student Health Center
23. Kiddie Kampus
24. Kiddie Kradle
25. Kiddle Korner
26. Vehicle Maintenance/Facilities Workshop
27. Costume Cottage
28. House One
29. Classrooms X, Y, Z, ROTC

Parking Lots

30. Faculty/Staff
31. Visitors/Off-Campus Students
32. On-Campus Men
33. Restricted Access
34. On-Campus Women


35. Football Field
36. Soccer Field
37. Quad

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