At Maranatha, all students join a society. Society chapels take place on a regular basis and provide a great opportunity for students to encourage each other. Students have many chances to be involved in societies. One way to get involved is through intramural sports such as soccer, dodgeball, volleyball, basketball, and powderpuff football! The society cabinets also plan outings and activities such as bonfires, ice skating, photo scavenger hunts, corn mazes, and movie nights. Within their societies, students can also be involved in ministry activities that provide a vehicle for community service, outreach, and volunteer work. Societies provide great opportunities for competition, fun, fellowship, and ministry!

Men’s Societies

  • Conquerors (Zeta Chi)
  • Golden Eagles (Omega Delta Pi)
  • Hurricanes (Sigma Gamma Tau)
  • Phantoms (Chi Delta Theta)
  • Raptors (Phi Delta Xi)

Women’s Societies

  • Arctic Wolves' (Pi Theta Pi)
  • Puma' (Delta Xi Nu)
  • Diamondbacks (Alpha Tau Epsilon)
  • Thunder  (Mu Delta Chi)
  • Titans (Alpha Kappa Zeta)